Maternity dresses

Maternity dresses for baby shower

When a couple shares the news that “They are pregnant!” they have the most amazing glow. That glow is of happiness, of welcoming a new life in lives, nervousness, expectations and their whole life shifts from what they need to what the baby would need. With time, mothers proceed to have a baby bump which is vital for the healthy growth of the baby. But does this mean that the mother should stop dressing up in the clothes she loves just because she has a baby bump? Should she wear the same type of baggy, oversized dresses for the next nine months? Is concealing a baby bump still in trend or do our women today like to show it off? Let’s find the answers.

History of Maternity dresses:

  • In the early 1500s, women used aprons to conceal their baby bumps
  • 1560, they used to stay home in later stages of her pregnancy meaning dressing in robes and dressing gowns.
  • In 1595, the first recorded maternity gown was made and it was known as ‘Adrienne’
  • 1650 was the year when the dress included a bib to facilitate breastfeeding
  • In 1860, pregnancy was considered an condition which should be hidden from the world, giving birth to maternity corset.
  • 1909 was the year when the thought came that the clothes of pregnant ladies should be beautiful and comfortable
  • In the early 2000, pregnant women did not shy away from showing away their baby bumps like Rachel Green did in FRIENDS. They supported stretchy jeans/dresses and belly baring tops.

Growth of Fashion industry:

Our fashion Industry has grown so much that today even the expectant mothers can enjoy a wide variety of clothes that are fashionable and comfortable. Thanks to many celebrities showing off their baby bumps on the red carpet, expectant mothers do not shy away from showing their baby bump to the world and we must say, it radiates confidence and adds to the baby glow of the mothers. Women today manage their daily lives as they did before they got pregnant. They do not shy away from going to work or workout or party (but they do have to say no to that martini sadlyL).

This has paved way for the expectant mothers to celebrate their future baby on the day of their baby shower. They look like Goddess in pretty maternity dresses and each one can dress according to their style and comfort. Today baby showers are not just about get together and have a little party. They are all about getting a maternity photo shoot and what is vital for a photo shoot.

How to choose maternity dresses

Sometimes choosing clothes for maternity can seem like a complicated task. Our body does not stop changing. Maybe you don’t feel entirely attractive. You think everything feels bad for you. A disaster! Do not be sad. That image is only in your head.

Pregnant women have been shown to radiate a special beauty that everyone can see. Take advantage of this moment to dress in a comfortable but feminine way. Here are our tips for choosing dresses in pregnancy:

Tips for Maternity dresses

  1. Consider the season of the year and the moment: when you go to buy maternity clothes, always keep in mind what seasons of the year your pregnancy will cover and the time for which you want that garment, for example you will not look for the same dress if you want a wardrobe to go to work than a dress to go as a guest to a wedding or communion.
  2. Consider each stage of pregnancy: choose the most appropriate dress cut according to the stage of pregnancy you are in. This will ensure that the dress fits your body line perfectly.
  3. Comfortable and elegant at the same time: look for comfortable fabrics that are not flexible, that do not squeeze your abdomen area and that are vaporous and breathable. Keep in mind that a maternity dress must be able to beautify women without detracting from comfort.

Final Thoughts:

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