Desert Safari Sharjah

Mark The Desert Safari Sharjah To Your Wish List Of Marvelous Places To Visit In 2020

The small city of ‘’ Sharjah’’ has been named as the Tourism Capital of the United Arab Emirates since 2015 because it is a perfect mixture of cultural heritage and modern infrastructure. The deserts in Sharjah are famous to enjoy sand boarding and dune bashing because the lofty inclined dunes host an adventuresome tour to visitors. The wonderful sites and exciting desert sports have made Sharjah a place not to forget. It also is not harsh on your wallet, so pack your bags to enjoy thrilling activities in the deserts.

Let’s start from the best desert safari deals in Sharjah that encompass all other attractions of this city. This is a comprehensive all-in-one tour. Usually, evening desert safari is preferred by tourists because in the evening the temperature falls below 22C that makes it pretty cool to enjoy adventurous activities. You leave the city in a 4×4 car like Land Cruiser to start a remarkable journey towards the desert.

The most over demanding activity during desert safari experience from Sharjah 2020 is dune bashing that rushes adrenaline to your veins. The palpitating heartbeat and screams during high jumps from dunes is a limitless enjoyment for adventure-lovers.  Even it is not less than fun to find a way to get out a weirdly stuck tire in dunes.

ATV quad biking is absolutely a fun-filled experience to drive the all-terrain vehicle on crusts and troughs of dunes. Everything is performed under the surveillance of expert tour guides and it is completely safe to explore the desert as you want.

The most exorbitant feature of the best desert safari deals in Sharjah is sand skiing on beveled dunes. Sliding through twisted and inclined dunes feels the same as snowboarding. Just like snowboard, strap your feet on sandboard to start this thrilling activity with a little piece of push from your partner.

Camels are the most prominent features of the desert safari tour. They are tall and sturdy to enjoy a walk towards Bedouin camp. The panoramic view of the widespread landscape of the desert looks breathtakingly beautiful. The birds seem flying right above your heads.

The most popular aspect of the evening desert safari tour is that you can enjoy many relaxing activities like dance performances and of course a delicious dinner too. It does not matter whether you are a vegetarian or non-vegetarian, there are numerous delectable dishes to taste. Enjoying Belly dance, Tanura dance, or Fire dance accompanied by lavish dinner and savory hookah pipe gives a royal touch to your tour.

During the nocturnal time, traditional desert creatures appear. It seems lovely to take a lamp in your hand and to wander in the desert exploring it. When you feel tired, take a nap in Bedouin tent with stars twinkling above your head.

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