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How to learn to do Makeup for Yourself

Want to teach the perfect makeup for you, but there’s nothing you can do? Makeup is easier than it looks! We learned from professional makeup artists how to properly use decorative cosmetics, how to draw perfect arrows every day, and whether it’s worth attending a makeup class.

How to do Face Makeup:

Smooth and radiant skin is an important element of beautiful makeup. Here are some simple tips for using cosmetics to achieve this effect.

What you need for Face Makeup:

If you are new to makeup, the basic brushes come in handy – you can buy them as a group or individually. Choose it appropriately, depending on the method to be used.

What brushes are needed for Face Makeup:

  • For synthetic brush or foundation
  • Suitable for large, fluffy powders with rounded edges
  • Soft makeup
  • Synthetic concealer brush (for foundation, but smaller)
  • Two brushes are useful for shading: flat for application and bucket for mixing
  • Oblique brush with fine eyebrows and stiff brushes

Before applying makeup, a professional makeup artist wipes the face with a cotton pad moistened with hydration to lubricate the facial skin and remove any excess skin cream. Once merged, you can request cosmetic products and for this reason, you should learn makeup rules from the experts.

First, apply foundation-foundation foundation. Generally, they have the consistency of liquid cream, such products can be easily applied with a flat synthetic brush or a cosmetic mixer. Hard tones can be covered with fingers. The lightweight cushion has an excellent foam applicator.

Types of Beauty Makeup Blenders:

  • Triangular sponge
  • Pear-shaped beauty instrument
  • Advanced beauty mixer
  • Mini mixer for places that are difficult to reach
  • Classic teardrop sponge
  • Beauty mixes sculpture

After smoothing out the skin tone, you can use a concealer to correct blemishes, such as bruising under the eyes, acne, and after acne. Apply a small amount of product to the problem areas and mix well.

Use a small amount of firming or loose powder in the T zone to correct makeup and avoid greasy shine during the day.

If you do not like the feel of a lot of plaster on your face, you can use a light color to pass or not use tonic instruments at all. It is not necessary to use all the above tools and to perform a full facial every day.

How to use Makeup Base?

According to professional makeup artists, not everyone needs a foundation so makeup artists with a good skin cannot use it.

-The basic task of one or more foundations is to apply and maintain the foundations easily while adjusting the facial skin to color and texture. Sometimes the makeup artist only uses makeup products: if the skin is good, everything is easy to apply and maintain in good condition. The makeup artist believes that in daily makeup you can safely apply makeup for no reason.

Makeup for Cheekbones, Forehead, Nose & Chin:

It is assumed that correction (contour) of the bony, frontal and nasal forms is only suitable for evening makeup. However, today the boundary between day and night mode gradually disappears, so that the contour can not only be used as evening makeup or to take pictures, but also for day makeup. -The difference between day makeup and evening makeup is the girl’s head. For someone, two layers of mascara are already make-up at night, for someone, smoking and going to work in the morning is normal. I never share professional or amateur makeup day or night: you can use any technique at any time, including the outlines. Any new makeup method must first be tested in front of the mirror in a calm and relaxed atmosphere before making a decision: is it necessary? Make-up artist Nastya Sigmund suggests you will never understand if you like this technique before trying multiple times (if possible) before using different products or modifications.


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