Six Sigma

Lean Six Sigma Belts, Everything You Need To Know

Introduction to Six Sigma:

It is a data-driven process, and it has the ability to evaluate every minor to major step that involved in the system. It offers different techniques to boost the output of a business, improves the quality and betters the efficiency. In short, it can be said that Six Sigma Method is directly related to profitability.

Different types:

  • DMAIC-

This tool is liable to improve an already existing business structure, and the letters stand for

D – Define the problem and the objective of the project

M – Measuring the various aspects of the ongoing process in detail

A – Analyze all the data to find the actual defect

I – Improving the whole system

C – Controlling the process for future executions

  • DMADV-

This is mostly related to innovative activities, like the creation of new ideas, products and services, the letters stand for

D – Defining the project goals

M – Measuring the crucial elements of the work and the benefit of it

A – Analyzing the information and designing solutions thus choosing the best one suited

D – Design with test details

V – Verification of the system, which is done by the simulation process and confirming it. After that, hand it over to the client.

Benefits of Six Sigma:

  • It is best suited for achieving maximum customer satisfaction.
  • It can reduce cost and increase profit simultaneously.
  • It is very useful and integrated in terms of management.
  • It forces people to engage and contribute.
  • Monitoring the structure becomes easy
  • Staff morale can be increased significantly
  • Can be implemented in any type of business

Different belts in Six Sigma:

  • White Belt: Here, the knowledge provided is mainly the basics of Six Sigma and introduction to its various elements, which gives a primary vision about problem-solving teams.
  • Yellow Belt: In this certification, you will get to work as a project management professional. Also, you will learn to create plans for running a workshop and review the process for further improvements.
  • Green Belt: This belt gives you the knowledge of green belt projects along with insights of project management. It will assist you with data collection and analysis to come out with a conclusion and solution.
  • Black Belt: It is mainly made up of skills like team handling, problem-solving, innovative steps, and productivity review. This mostly involves development, coaching and training processes required to run a project successfully.
  • Master Black Belt: This certification is full of major responsibilities. Master Black Belts train black and green belts along with reviewing their performance and impact on overall team. The skillset required to get this certification is of greater quality than any of the other belts. One must have a strong grasp over the respective field and the ability to train high-level professionals that is why experience in technical aspects, as well as communication, is a must to run the operations.
  • Champion: It is a top-level managerial post. The individual holding this designation has to lead LSS (Lean Six Sigma) strategy and development. Depending on the objectives of the organization, which are generally set by the leaders, the champion is responsible for finding out the best possible way-out to reduce the wastage and faults in the process to maximize the profit and growth. Champion usually conduct the work and communicate to the team through the black master belts. In short, it can be said that champion is the mentor in this whole structure who has the ultimate power of management.

Professionals who get the certification on Lean Six Sigma gradually acquires a key position in an organization. They are liable to improve the quality of the product, team, and strategies. These individuals look to eliminate mistakes by thoroughly scrutinizing every micro-step, which is done by implementing effective and smart business techniques alongside forcing to grow and all these are taught in the Lean Six Sigma certification.


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