Kids & Tech: Tips for Parents of Digital Era

Many times you have heard your kids referring you as an old bunch of fellas who cannot operate digital devices or have less concerns about them. But todays technological world where everything belongs to robots, social media and smart phones you as a parent need to make them friends as well. Parents cannot neglect these elements of technological popularity among their own kids.

If you think, as a parent you aren’t good enough with smart phones or digital gadgets then you have to be an expert for your kids. As parenting is quite tough as every other parent would definitely agree upon however, to understand your child’s brain and make communication better you must embrace their set of mind set.

Parents should involve themselves with children to remove those barrier of extensive knowledge of their kids and starting working on how to help them grow with the digital age.

Tips for parenting kids of the digital Era

Why should parents need to involve in children’s digital activities? This is because social media or technology has some drawbacks, or after effects which may not be suitable for their kids to digest. Therefore, keeping an eye of kid’s undertakings, what they like and make friends with their likings should become helpful in parenting those digital babies. The study of hnd assignments writing service believe that there are less percentage of parents who get involve with their kid’s personal activities, are least bother on stopping their kids from growing into technology geeks.

Enter the world they live in

Your kids are more into smart phones or Social media channels and possibly have more awareness and information than you. But don’t be disappointed by that, think of this as an opportunity. You have to make your child come out of the comfort zone and communicate you through online communication. Talk to them, play with them through technology, this will make them feel closer and mutually connected by you.

Some of the common way of making yourself less insecure about incomplete knowledge about technology is to take help form their teachers. As the teacher is the biggest support system of kids and they know better than anyone else. Learn to understand how they perform in class and try those same methods as their teachers to teach them.

Make family time a fun time

You think of a solution on how to control your kids from having friends with media or social channels then you. The best way to do it is to give them the family time or involvement, attention that has been quite neglected. This is why your kids find substitutes or alternatives to plan their fun time.

Outing, games at your home or healthy activities that works wonders for your kids to make connections with you, will not only flush out technology for a while but also help you build relationship stronger and better. As a parent try to participate in what they usually like for example if you kids love to run or move around the house make a habit of playing games that involves running or moving body here and there.

Don’t let your kids alone

Whenever you see your kids alone or bored they usually are found with a smart phone or surfing the internet or even playing games. What you need to do as a parent? Scolding them is not a good idea for sure. You need to wake your sportsmanship waken the inside child of yours to interact with them. Play video games and make bets such as if anybody wins they need to wash dishes or cook for all of the members. The healthy way of interaction and make use of spending time with your kids is to tell stories or life events happened or past memories and also prepare your own stories with your kids. These all practices or activities will not only make your kids away from gadgets and technology but make them active.

Don’t use technology to overcome tiredness

Many parents of old school concept try giving their kids smart phones or allow them to use technology because of noises or as an emotional pacifier to make them calm and quiet. However, this practice will make your kids involve more and more digitally, which will make it quite difficult to comprehend or stop them from use. If you want to become a good parent and make parenting easier stop this practice instantly. Involve your kids in exercises or sports that will do the best of the best.

Maintain an environment of openness

Kids mind work differently than adults so for making relationship with them you need to think under their own shoes. Listening and comprehending what they what to say is the positive way of maintaining an openness environment. The best therapy to make connection your kids is to absorb their lifestyle, note what they are up to, be a silent friend who is closely interrogating their secrets without even showing them. By this act your kids will tell you about the issues or what they are doing lately.

Make awareness possible about good or worst    

 You as a parent need to explain about good or bad events or exposure your kids might be involve in. Technology may cause you harm but at the same time give you extra wings to fly up high as you are filled with information and knowledge.

As an adult you have knowledge about internet content or PG-18 content. Make smart choices to choose best for your kids. Make use of internet to show signs of adultery, sexting hackers and offenders who might stole your kid’s precious information or details misuse them for their own concerns.

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You are the ideal personality….

Whether you understand technology or not you are the parents of this future generation so educate yourself for everything. It is a tough job to handle affairs of children outside and inside. However, these tips will guide you to master yourself and your kids about positivity and negativity against technology. Keep this in mind whether you follow all of these digital age tips one this is to remember, give space to them as they need to understand on their own after being adults. As being independent is the right of the kids.  


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