Keeping Kids Active With some Interesting & Memory Balloon Games

It’s a big challenge for every parent to keep their kids busy during the holidays and lockdown period. We all suffer from COVID-19 effects and we also want to be secured at home to avoid the threat of coronavirus. Kids are the big threats but it is not easy for all parents to quarantine them in homes. Playing games with them is a good thing to let your kid enjoy the lockdown period. You can play all types of home activities that sharpen the mind and improve memory. Take some time to read the full article to know about the fun & interesting balloon game ideas for kids to play outside and inside of the home. For sure they would love it.

1. Match the Balloons:

It’s the easiest game to play for the kids. Kids have to identify the same color balloons hide in different places. You have to secure the balloons with tape in different places. Now you have to give the same matching colored buttons or crayons to the kid. The kid has to go to the same colored balloon and pop that balloon. It’s a fun-loving activity kid would love to play at home. You can also give them matching colored stickers to stick on the matching color balloon, this way kid learns about the shades of color.

2. Balloons Popping:

Balloon popping is a wonderful exercise kid would love to do in homes. There are multiple types of balloon popping games that keep your kids busy for long hours. I will talk about one meaningful exercise. You have to hide a surprise gift inside one balloon. One room is filled with balloons. Now the kid has to pass through the balloons to pop and get gifts. Also, you have to fill some balloons with chocolates and candies. The kid has to pop a single balloon at one time and he/she has to return back to the hall. Again kid has to enter the room and pop balloon. Your kid will experience lots of fun doing this activity.

3. Balloons Volleyball:

It’s one of the coolest outdoor balloon games to enjoy in the open space like a yard or open garden. You will need a volleyball net and a big balloon to throw in the sky. Now, little kids have to hit the balloon towards the opposite side of the net. Now you have to give a mild push throw this balloon back to your kid. If you have no garden area you can do this activity in homemaking a small line in the center.

4. Balloon Catching Competition:

The competition is held in between 5 to 10 groups of people. You can invite family members to play this game. Everyone is given a chance to catch the balloon float in the air. Only the selected person has to go and catch the balloon. He/she has to catch the balloon before it touches the ground. This is how every family member is invited to play this balloon catching competition. I also mentioned the site if you want to send flowers online all across the world.

5. Make Art On Balloons Or Balloon Painting:

Kids can use balloons in so many ways to create beautiful art or painting. First of all, I would like to suggest freezing balloons. You have to fill the balloon half with the water. Then add some paint colors. Now put them in the freeze. The freezing balloon is ready to entertain kids. In the second trick, kids have to dip the half portion of the balloon inside the paint. Now press them to cardboard to make balloons painting.

6. Balloon Dance:

You can set the mood of the party by using this musical activity. Every player is tied with one balloon on the left leg. Once the music starts every player has to try to pop other players’ balloons with the right leg. They have to also protect their balloon as well. But make sure you have an open place with no sharp-edged furniture.

7. Treasure Hunt:

In this task, you have to hide balloons in different places. All hidden balloons are filled with buttons, pom-poms, and pearls. Now you have to prepare chits to give hints. Every secret chit has a hint of second chit. They have to find secret chit and follow the hints to collect treasure. Do not mention sorry for not coming instead get Online balloon delivery to Spain to say enjoy the celebration time.

8. Passing Balloons:

It’s a difficult game but kids would enjoy it. Kids have to secure the balloon in the leg. Make a parallel line of 4 to five-member with 5-meter distance. No one has to hop with the balloon in the middle legs and then move towards the other person. Another person has to secure that balloon in the middle of the leg. If any kid fails to do it he/she is out of this competition.

Balloons are easily accessible and they are kid-friendly too. Balloons games are the favorite pastime of every kid. So you can use so many indoor balloon games. No worries if your kid is getting bored with the same toys. You can play such types of games inside and outside the home to amuse your kids for a longer duration.


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