Is There Such a Thing as ‘One Size Fits All’ for Skincare?

Is There Such a Thing as ‘One Size Fits All’ for Skincare?

When beauty bloggers talk about skincare, they emphasize the fact that each person has a different skin type, which means your idea of skincare might be different from someone else’s. This means there’s no right or wrong way for you to do your skincare, as long as it works for your skin type.

Coming up with your own personal skincare routine without getting any help from anyone might feel overwhelming, however. Start with skincare basics that work for everyone. Here’s how:

Find Your Favorite Cleanser

Great skincare routines start with the most basic: cleansers. These are the products you use to get rid of the dirt that may have accumulated on your pores throughout the day. Your cleanser should also be able to get rid of makeup completely, leaving your skin clean and ready for your next steps. Two cleansers can be better for your skin: Choose one that’s oil-based to remove even waterproof makeup, then choose a water-based cleanser for that deep-cleansing.

Choose a Handy Moisturizer

After you’ve cleansed your face, you may notice that it’s more on the dry side as you’ve stripped it of its natural oils. This is why it’s important to get the right moisturizer, one that will give you back the moisture your skin lost, without giving it an uncomfortable and heavy feeling. A good moisturizer will be one that is light enough and will allow other parts of your skincare routine to be absorbed by your skin easily.

Exfoliate Properly

While it’s important to exfoliate your skin, it’s even more important to do so properly. Over-exfoliating may irritate the skin rather than help it, while not exfoliating at all may lead to clogged pores and a dull complexion. Exfoliate every other day at first, but pay attention to how your skin reacts to this schedule. If it feels irritated after a week of doing this, you may want to exfoliate less. Pay attention to all the products you use, as some of them may already be exfoliating the skin through their chemical ingredients.

Wear Sheet Masks Regularly

The three most basic things you need in your skincare routine are your moisturizer, cleanser, and exfoliant. After those, you want to load up on Korean face masks that will nourish the skin and give it the vitamins and minerals it needs. With regular application, your skin will absorb the nutrients from sheet masks and always look radiant and glowing. It’s recommended to wear sheet masks daily, sometimes even twice a day, because its benefits are easily noticeable, but they don’t last long. You want that consistent application to get the best results. But of course, it’s still important that you consider how you react to the product to figure out how often you should be using it.

It’s still true that everyone has their own skincare routine that works for their skin, but your starting point may be similar to that of others. It starts to differ when you pay attention to your skin and customize your routine in response to how your skin reacts. Whether you choose to use a product less or more, or switch to a different formulation, will depend on what your unique skin needs.

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