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We live in a time when anything less than perfection is frowned upon and considered unacceptable.

The desire for perfection in our work is understandable. We should aim for that. Since meticulousness in our professional life will only lead to good fortunes for us, I abide with this ideology.

However, striving for perfection in terms of physical appearance isn’t something that I can understand. Frankly, I find it hard to digest.

Humans were not meant to be perfect. God did not make us like that.

  • We have flaws;
  • we have imperfections;
  • and we cannot look put together all the time.

Asking that of us is plain and simple unreasonable since there is no plausibility for that happening.

  • Acne-prone skin and its scarring;
  • Crooked teeth and a crooked smile;
  • Belly fat and cellulite;
  • And a receding hairline;

Society considers all of these to be cringe-worthy flaws, and I have no clue why? It is not like we asked for the red bumps called acne to be plastered all over our faces.

No, that was never the case.

Then why do people not accept these imperfections and let people embrace them with ease?

I think the answer lies in the mentality of the trendsetters. Do you know who these people are?

The Trendsetters

The trendsetters are people who are always in the public eye. These people are celebrities, actors, singers, makeup artists and social media influencers.

We know them and their lives, but only what they let us see. All of them have one thing in common.

Whatever they do, whatever they wear, even their body types become a trend that the rest of us start following, despite not wanting to.

Since they portray perfection, we become compelled to be like them.

Tell me one celebrity who has flaws in his or her appearance. Even makeup-free, they look like masterpieces that can easily compete with Michelangelo’s David.

You might have thought of one trendsetter, but it must have taken you a long time to find him. It is because they are far few.

The perfection that these people sketch out for us makes our imperfections even more apparent.

I incline that there is a possibility that the picture they paint on the internet may be false. I also have enough examples to prove my claim.

The Secret Behind Perfection

The ongoing trend of claiming perfection is not the real and natural kind of perfection. Nobody on this earth is as flawless as they might appear on a screen.

Three different things come to the aid of these quintessential trendsetters.

  • FaceTune

At number one is an application called FaceTune. This assists people in enhancing their beauty to unparalleled levels, so much so that they start looking fake.

  • It can remove texture from your skin, making it appear smoother.
  • It can remove scars and the appearance of acne.
  • It can straighten your hairline and correct your teeth.
  • It can also change the entire structure of your face, sharpen your jawline, plump your lips, enlarge your eyes, and shorten your forehead.

You name it, and the app will do it for you

  • Photoshop

Unlike the first one, this application is more focused on your entire body instead of just your face.

  • Elongate your neck;
  • Narrow your shoulders;
  • Flatten your belly;
  • Remove the dimply skin from your butt and thighs;
  • And get the coveted appearance of the perfect abs with just a few clicks on the application.

When an app can quickly achieve the perfect hourglass figure, why bother with the gruelling workouts at the gym?

  • Surgery

This is an extreme measure, but that doesn’t mean people are not taking it up. Surgery, more specifically plastic surgery, has become immensely popular in the world.

People apply for loans without guarantor for the sake of permanently altering their appearance.

Lip fillers are the most popular of all alterations in the present. Those plump lips that you often see on people are most likely the result of these fillers.

Botox, butt lifts and rhinoplasty are some treatments and surgeries that are earning the plastics’ surgeons an exponential income cheque.

So, now you know that perfection is just an illusion. The trendsetters are nowhere close to being flawless. So, feeling insecure by looking at them is what should be unacceptable.

All for What?

I am sure you must know it, but I will still tell you, our society is a walking talking paradox. Hypocrisy is embedded in its core, and taking it out will probably take a century.

Society cannot take aside.

On the one hand, it will not accept people for who they are. It will make an imperfection turn into insecurity.

On the other hand, when the person has had enough criticism for a lifetime and decides to alter his appearance for good, then the society will start condemning him for being plastic.

If condemnation is what you will get if you were makeup and even if you don’t, what difference does it make?

Photoshopping your body to make it skinnier is for what purpose if people are still going to shame you?

Winding Up

Let us learn to live and champion our faults, blemishes, discolouration and even our deformities. Why should we change ourselves when that is how God made us?

Even if you want to indulge in editing yourself and your appearance,

  1. never do it because someone told you to;
  2. never do it because society made you feel like you should;
  3. and never do it because you think it is an imperfection.

Do it for yourself, do it because you want to, and do it because you have the right to.

Living according to society’s fickle norms is not living at all. I would never want a life like that for myself, and I am sure you would not either.

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