Is dropshipping dead in 2020? Can you start dropshipping now

Since the Coronavirus and lockdown lot of people have realized that work from home business is the best way to earn regular and passive income.

And when we talk about home business “Dropshipping” is the best work from home business. As there are lots of customers waiting for you and the competation in dropshipping is also fair. You can easily earn your share

In dropshipping, you sell your products to the customer by targeting them with ads on social media without having to buy the products or keeping a large stock of products. Your supplier directly sends the products to the customer.

So the question is, Is the dropshipping business dead in 2020?

Reasons why dropshipping is not dead. I will show you some reasons why dropshipping is not dead in 2020 and why there is still opportunity for newbies to join this industry.

  1. This image provided by “grand view research” proves that since 2015 dropshipping has shown tremendous growth without any downfall and it’s expected to have very high growth in 2025.
  1. By the launch of various dropshipping platforms like Shopify, Meesho, Shop101, Ali-express, and more. And the profits generated by these companies show that the dropshipping business is growing rapidly.
  1. Easy of doing dropshipping. In later years not everyone could do dropshipping but in 2020 any can start a dropshipping business, anyone can sell on meesho, sell on Shopify, Ali-express, and more. The easy in doing dropshipping business proves that dropshipping companies are investing a lot in their business.
  1. Lots of courses (like on Udemy, youtube), tutorials, and blogs( like,, ) on dropshipping available online with millions of views prove that dropshipping is still in the high interest and if people are willing to invest in the courses there must be something special about this business.
  2. Available on a smartphone. Since anyone can do dropshipping only with a smartphone and no laptop required shows dropshipping companies are investing in android application and ios application.
  3. Increase in the Delivery partners. Since lots of dropshipping companies have partnered with delivery partners it indicates the growth and need of dropshipping companies
  4. Quicky delivery by dropshipping companies means the seller associated with dropshipping platforms is receiving orders and they are quick delivery to their customers.
  5. The increase in the no. of downloads of dropshipping apps tells that lot of people have started their dropshipping business

All these reasons prove that dropshipping is still in trend and there is a big opportunity to set your business before it goes into a lot of competition and it becomes very difficult to start and survive in this business.

You won’t believe this but people out there are making tons of money with dropshipping. All you need is to find the right product and right customer.

There are various tutorials and blogs where you can learn dropshipping for free to get started in this industry and start earning

You can sell products directly on social media’s like Instagram, Facebook or you can sell by creating website.

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