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Is 8GB RAM Enough For A Gaming Phone?

Inadequate RAM often emerges as the primary reason behind lagging frames and poor gaming experience, rendering even the best of smartphones low on performance. It is because a reduced RAM efficiency prevents smartphones from storing vital data that is important for running a game smoothly.

As for the gaming mobile phones, they were initially introduced with 4GB RAM as the minimum requirement. In recent years, with multiple updates and modifications, 4GB RAM is no longer the average requirement anymore. Post several updates and specification add-ons, 8GB RAM has become the new minimum for the ideal mobile gaming experience.

Nevertheless, the question of whether 8GB RAM is sufficient for gaming phones or not remains conflicted. To gain an insight into it, individuals need to look at a few specifications before buying a new upcoming mobile phone suitable for their gaming needs. Subsequently, they should find out how to resolve common issues that often occur during gaming sessions.

Gaming phones with 8GB RAM – Budget and performance analysis

One must note that 8GB RAM is great for most games, but it may not be suitable for all games. Nonetheless, to avail the right mix of performance and quality, individuals need to purchase the best of 8GB RAM mobile phones that support quality gaming experience. 

Some of the most popular smartphones with a RAM of 8GB with proven performance efficiency during gaming sessions alongside their approximate prices include – 

  • Redmi K20 Pro – Rs.18,999.
  • OPPO K3 – Rs.19,404.
  • OnePlus 6T – Rs.31,999.
  • OnePlus 7T Pro with 256GB – Rs.43,999.
  • Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus with 512GB – Rs.79,800.

Some of the new upcoming mobile phones from reputed brands are also expected to render a moderate gaming experience to users.

While a smartphone with 8GB RAM suitably fulfils the basic to moderate gaming needs of individuals, intensive gaming sessions might require individuals to upgrade to higher RAM models. One must also note that several factors impact a handset’s gaming performance, whereby tweaking these can help individuals boost their gaming experience. Here’re a few tips to doing that.

Tips to boost your smartphone’s gaming performance

Following are some useful tips that come in handy in improving one’s smartphone’s gaming performance while also helping resolve issues related to storage. 

Tip 1 – Clear cached memory 

Individuals should make it a point to clear cached data from their devices regularly. It will prove useful in clearing the RAM storage of useless data and will, in turn, help in freeing up substantial internal space. Collectively, it will boost the performance of an 8GB RAM mobile phone and provide an enhanced gaming experience.

Tip 2 – Remove unimportant files

Smartphone owners must make it a point to remove unwanted apps and files from their phone’s memory to help process the game’s vital data more smoothly. It is recommended to maintain at least 20% internal space on smartphones to facilitate a smooth gaming experience. 

Tip 3 – Use external memory 

The best way to make an 8GB RAM smartphone a smooth gaming device is to transfer most files and rarely used apps to an SD card, thus freeing up space. 

Though your existing smartphone’s specs may invite an upgrade with a high RAM capacity for improved gaming performance, these devices may sometimes come expensive. Nevertheless, with various stores under the Bajaj Finserv EMI Network selling smartphone models from most of the reputed brands, financing the purchase of a handset with suitable specifications has become convenient.

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To make the most of their gaming experiences on mobile phones with 8GB RAM capacity, users should make sure to keep their memory free as much as possible. Also, to make the entire process simpler, they may wait for new upcoming mobile phones with better specs that facilitate quality gaming experience even at low RAM.


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