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Inverter Air Conditioner and Its Merits

With summers in India being extremely hot, Air conditioners have become a necessity. People make sure they research before buying an Air Conditioner. As air conditioners are quite expensive, people tend to choose the best one available. And it all starts with a google search, “best air conditioners in India.”.


There are two types of air conditioners: Inverter AC and non-inverter AC. Inverter AC works on Inverter Technology, where an inverter is used to control the compressor’s speed, thus regulating the temperature continuously. Other than being an energy saver when compared to non-inverter AC, several other factors highlight AC inverters as the best options. Those advantages are given below.

1. Cost-Effective:

  • Inverters save you a lot of energy, thus sparing you from very high electricity bills.
  • When compared to non-inverter AC, their cost might be slightly higher. But it gets balanced with a low electricity bill.
  • They can also be run on solar panels, thus reducing the cost.
  • They can also be run on a backup generator, thus saving the fuel.
  • They can save up to 30-40% of the electricity bill.
  • An inverter AC the compressor works all the time, and this results in the low bill.
  • Inverter technology is devised in such a way that it supplies power depending on the needs of the customer.

2. Silent operation.

  • The inverter AC runs at a slow speed. Hence the sound is very low too.
  • The vibrations, too, are significantly reduced to a larger extent.

Air Coolers are quite noisy when compared to inverter ACs, even the best air coolers in India do not work silently and are quite noisy.

3. Cooling down

  • It can cool down the room at a much higher rate when compared to non-inverter AC.
  • They are suitable for all sizes of room, be it big or small.
  • Inverter AC can adjust the cooling rate with the help of the compressor and cool the entire room faster if required.

4. Safe

  • They are safe for residential wiring due to low power consumption.

5. Environment Friendly

  • They are considered to be environment- friendly as they use good refrigerants.

6. No voltage fluctuation

  • No voltage fluctuation is seen in the case of inverter Air Conditioners
  • They are the best option to be used where it persists. For example, marriage halls, conference rooms, etc.

7. Longer life

  • The inverter is also responsible for increasing the lifespan of the AC.
  • The low energy consumption and less electricity bill and that are eco-friendly favors the lifespan of the air conditioners to a greater level.


With the climate change and summers getting hotter and hotter, people have started investing von buying an AC due to unbearable scorching weather. People opt for either Air coolers or air conditioners for their homes. While buying an AC, make sure you buy the best air conditioner in India, which would most probably be an inverter technology AC.

If you are buying an air cooler, make sure to buy one of the best air coolers in India. Either way, make sure you buy the ones that work effectively and that too for a long period.


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