Important Things You Need To Know About Desert Safari Dubai In 2020

Dubai is the most beautiful and modern city in the world. Due to the entertainment and business hub of the world, people come from different corners of the world. Dubai city tour offers many activities in the desert. If you plan a trip to Dubai, don’t forget to enjoy the dune and thrilling activities of desert safari Dubai. To satisfy your soul in the glamour of Dubai, take more trips to enjoy the entertainment and fun at this place. There is a lot of entertainment places in Dubai tour like beach parks, desert safari, Burj AL Arab, Burj Khalifa, and much more.


Important things about desert safari Dubai

One of the most beautiful adventure place for visitors in Dubai is the desert safari due to its cultural and adventure view. Enjoy the beauty of desert safari with 4*4 dune bashing thrilling activity that provides you energy.


The begging of desert Tour

Mostly desert safari tips start from your residence place where you stayed. A professional driver picks up your from residence place and drop off you at the desert safari with a 4*4 vehicle. The driver knows how to deal with the customers. Before the hit, the sand of the desert, ask about the culture of the desert of ancient times. So from here, your journey starts.


Dune Bashing Thrilling Activity

Dune bashing activity starts from the campsite with Land cruiser or Lassan petrol and explores the Bedouin culture of the desert. Before sitting on the fasten vehicle, make sure that take your seat belts and sit tight, this will be more exciting than any roller coaster you have. Probably it’s the best part of the desert safari trip. Dune expert drivers take your vehicle through extreme heights, huge slopes, and through dunes of sand to the camp. You climb-ups and down with the expert driver.


Camel Riding With Thrilling View of Desert

One of the thrilling activity includes the desert safari in Dubai, camel is the only animal that is best for riding in the desert because without water it survives for many times. At desert safari, camel is a more valuable activity for the visitors. As part of the desert trip, you need a camel ride to explore the red dunes in the hustle and bustle of the desert. Click photos with the camel riding on the desert, really an amazing view.


Camp night

After the fun activities of the desert, you need to take some rest and eat something. In this way, BBQ dinner with belly dance shows gives you a pleasant moment that is not forgetful. Delicious BBQ dinner includes vegetarian and non-vegetarian food.


Sunset photography

In the evening, the weather in the desert is so pleasant and cool. The tourists take photographs at this time with an ancient style of Arabic dress. The camel rides in the desert in the evening looking so beautiful and when you take photos it gives you a beautiful view.


Live show entertainment

The live entertainment includes the belly dance show, Tanoura dance, and the fire show with the expert persons who come around the globe.


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