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If you are not choosing granite for your kitchen worktops, then you should rethink

Like all of us, have you fantasized about having a dream kitchen? Are you confused about how to bring it to reality? Before doing that, you need to consider several factors including the style of kitchen, color, interior, etc. As all these factors hold great importance therefore it also requires careful thought while picking each element. And when we talk about elements, how can we forget mentioning the kitchen worktop which is one of the most integral parts of the kitchen. Considering worktops how we can resist ourselves from showing interest in the beautiful granite worktops Hertfordshire.


Choosing the right worktop is very important as it can either make or break the look of your kitchen. You should look for a worktop that offers functionality and aesthetic appeal. From countless choices, granite is one material that perfectly falls on these two standards as it is one of the most beautiful stones which is strong, durable, and low maintenance. 


Durable material 

Purchasing countertops is a one-time investment, therefore you need to pick the material that is sturdy and lasts for a longer span. Why do we prefer granite worktops Hertfordshire? It is the strongest material justified by money investment. This material is so strong that it doesn’t get damaged easily and has good resistance for wear and tear, heat, and liquid spillage. The best part is that unlike other materials, granite doesn’t deteriorate over time. Will this material get damaged? This is the most interesting thing to know that if handled with little care, you will not find any discoloration or cracks on your granite kitchen worktops. This material is not only easy on your pocket but also lasts longer than you can imagine.


Cleans in a minute

Today life has become very busy, with a hectic work life taking out time for cleaning chores is very difficult. People look for easy cleaning methods or home elements that are low maintenance. This is one reason why people prefer installing granite worktops Hertfordshire which can be cleaned easily. The non-porous quality doesn’t let any spillage sink in the surface and develop bacteria or other health hazards. To clean any mess on the countertop, just grab a wet cloth or soapy water and just wipe off the surface. Get the satisfaction that the surface on which you are preparing your meal is completely clean, hygienic, and germs-free. You don’t need to scrub it with hot water for an hour! 


The natural element of the earth has a green effect

As you know that granite is a byproduct of our motherland therefore it is considered a renewable resource. It takes thousands of years to form a granite stone and it is disappointing when it is not considered a green product by several industry professionals. Recently the stone industry took steps to carry out responsible production practices. Granite is a durable natural material that is durable for a lifetime and doesn’t emit any harmful gasses or radiation helping to spread a green effect on the earth. 


Serves different purpose

If you choose to purchase granite countertops, you are going to bring a masterpiece deep down from the earth which is one of a kind having unique color and pattern. This distinctive feature makes it more attractive and helps give a luxurious look. The market is full of Kitchen Worktops London available in a variety of colors and unique patterns. Granite easily complements any interior theme and can be used to enhance both the traditional and contemporary look of the kitchen. 


Strong resistance to heat

Like we have mentioned earlier that granite has good heat resistance, it will neither melt nor form a blister when a hot pan is placed directly on the surface. When you are working in the kitchen you are constantly juggling with hot pans and are in search of the nearest surface where you can put the steaming hot utensils. And that surface is the countertops around you. So in such a situation to avoid accidents and free yourself from the worry of damaging your countertop, choose granite worktops that are heat resistant. It is recommended by experts to use trivets while placing hot utensils which can emit heat for a longer time.   


Resistance for scratches

Granite is such a strong material that has a seven score on a scale of hardness. This means that there are very less substances that can cause scratches on a granite stone. You can easily cut on granite worktops Hertfordshire but it is advised to avoid it as it will make your knives dull and will leave a metal residue which is not easy to clean and dangerous for health. 


Take your time to make the final decision of purchasing a countertop while evaluating all the pros and cons of each material. Do give a thought to all the positive reasons we have given you for installing granite worktops Hertfordshire which is durable, low maintenance, and aesthetically appealing. 


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