How You Can Take Better Care Of Atlanta Sod During Autumn?

Autumn is the most important season of the year because the trees, plants shed their leaves and other living things discard their skin. After autumn-winter comes the dormant season for most Atlanta Sod grass. So you should take well care of the grass and whole garden to avoid problems in winter.

Why Autumn Care Of Atlanta Sod Is Important?

This is a time when all living things shed whatever is old; so that new leaves and skin can grow back after the winter in the spring season. In autumn many living creatures gather or eat food so that they can store energy for hibernation in winter.

Professional Tips For Taking Better Care

In the same way, you have to take care of the lawn in the winter so that when the sod grass goes dormant it can resist the harsh weather. You should get help from professionals who will give you the following best advice on caring for the lawn in autumn.

Leaves Shouldn’t Stay On Sod

Sunlight is one of the essential elements that is needed for the Atlanta Sod in Georgia to grow. The leaves falling from the trees will block the rays of the sun. Also, moisture can make the leaves soggy and can result in many problems. So immediately rake the leaves to keep the sod clear.

Mowing Is Also Important

People think that the growth of grass stops in the autumn and winter season; it is a misconception as the sod grass ordered from dealers as Atlanta Sod Farms grows in all four seasons. The difference is that in autumn and winter the speed is slower. So mowing to the required height is crucial.

Proper Water Quantity Is Vital

In many regions autumn means more rain so you don’t have to water the lawn. But this doesn’t mean to avoid it on the whole. So how to treat the lawn in the fall? One of the best ways is through watering properly.

Check For Need Of Fertilizer

When you buy sod grass for your lawn the installation team provides you with info about how much fertilizer is needed and when is the appropriate time to apply it? If the time has come for applying then don’t wait.

Does The Lawn Need Fungal Or Pest Control?

Keep a constant check on signs for the appearance of fungus and pests that can damage the beautiful lawn.  If the initial signs start to appear then apply the recommended products.

Aeration When It is Necessary

Air is another vital natural element essential for growth. If you see that the grass is stressed then aerate the ground so that air can reach the roots.

Look Out For Burn Out And Brown Patches

The brown patches and burned grass can become difficult to cure if not detected and taken care of in the beginning.

Spreading Seeds When It’s Unavoidable

Sometimes spreading seeds over sod grass can be beneficial. But is best that you check with the manufacturers for proper procedure.

Set A Proper Schedule For Regularity

To ensure all of the above caring methods of Atlanta Sodare maintained; you have to set a proper schedule so that the steps are taken regularly.


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