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How you can preserve your important CD data in CD Jackets?

Do you have important data that you need for later use? It can be anything of value that you need in the future for any purpose. Then, you need to back up data in various ways. For example, cloud storage, hard disks, CDs, and DVDs.

Thus, you can use any method of your preference; however, the cheapest and flexible way is to store your data in CDs. It’s because you can hide them, take them anywhere, and buy them at a very low price.

But, there is one problem.

CDs can be damaged easily. That’s why you need to protect them from scratches and magnetic fields. For that, the best solution is to use CD Jackets. This way, you can protect your data in an inexpensive and useful way.

In this post, we will tell you how printed CD Jackets help you in protecting your data and CDS, along with its various other uses. So, you must keep reading further. It will convince you to use these Jackets and organize your data according to your convenience.

Let’s dive into detail!

What are CD Jackets?

These are just like book covers or small boxes that can include one or two CDs. The construction of these Jackets is made with plastic that blocks all elements to put damage on to CDs. You can buy them from any CD store at a cheap price. If you spend $10 on them, then you can have more than 30 of them for your use.

There are many options provided by these Jackets. We will discuss them in this content. So, keep reading further.

How CD Jackets protect the CD?

When you put a CD into a Jacket, then it is shielded from every outside factor that can damage it. Mostly, the CD is damaged in two ways: scratches and magnetic fields.

Firstly, you have to use the CD to consume data on it. For that, you have to put the CD into a CD drive. During this process, the CD can be damaged for any reason. And it happens a lot. Moreover, if you put a CD on a shelf or drawer, then it will get scratches. It’s a common phenomenon with CDs. That’s why a protective shield is required to save the CD from scratches. Custom printed CD Jackets provide that safety to the CD.

Secondly, CDs are damaged due to a magnetic field, which is present in almost every house. We have speakers, electronic devices, and other gadgets that have a magnetic field. If The CD came close to the magnetic field, then all data becomes unreadable.

CD Jackets Perth blocks all magnetic lines from reaching the CD. This way, the data can remain intact and you can use it after a long time.

How can you protect your data through CDs, along with the best organization?

You need to back up your important data in multiple ways. It is recommended to have at least three backups of your data. So, you can never lose it.

Below here is the complete procedure to protect your data through CDs. And you will also need plenty of CDs and CD Jackets.

Let’s dive into detail!

Determine your data for backup

First of all, you need to assess the data volume for back up. It can be in GBs. One CD can accommodate 700 MBs of data. That’s why you need to create folders that are less than 700 MBs.

Bring CDs

Now, you have made folders of 700 MBs. It’s time to bring CDs. So, you must buy writable CDs from any CD store. It will cost you very little because blank CDs cost too little.

Write your data on CDs through CD writer

When you have CDs available, then you must write your data on CDs accordingly. After writing every CD, you need to put the CD into a plastic bag. You can find them plenty at a low price from any store.

Put CDs into CD Jackets

After writing your data on CDS, you need to put every CD into a CD Jacket. Data writing will take time. But putting them into CD Jackets will not take your time. It will only consume a second.

Write data detail on CD Jacket

Now, you have written your data. It’s time to label your CD Jackets with numbering and details. If you do not do that, then you will have difficulty finding your required data in a bundle of CDs. That’s why you need to put details of data on every CD Jacket. It would be better to put details on the CD too.

For labeling and numbering, you can use markers and blank labels.

Put your CD Jackets in a safe place

After labeling and numbering, you need to store your CDs into a safe place. So, you can access them any time you want. Ideally, your cabinet will be the best place.

Put your data detail into a notebook

The last step, you need to have an organized record of your CDS. It’s because when you have plenty of CDs, then you need to have a paper form of your data. So, you can remember the detail of your data after some time.

Why it’s good to have a CD library?

Computer hard disks malfunction after a period. That’s why you will lose data. It can be your family photos, documents, videos, books, and more. If you put your data in CDs with time, then you will never lose your data. Moreover, computer hard disks are not enough for modern data holding. That’s why you need to build up a CD library. So, you can save your data in an incorruptible way that can provide you the data whenever you want.

Wrap up

We have described the procedure to save your data and organize it by using CDs and CD Jackets Australia. Now, it’s your responsibility to follow the procedure and protect your CDs and data. Have a good day, and work for your success.


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