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How to Search State Wise Tenders in India

In essence, the manual procedure of tender search is quite daunting and confusing. With it, you will need to fill up a wide array of paperwork, jot down correct information, and whatnot! Also, if you make any mistake while filling up the form, the request to apply for the tender will be considered null. 

So, instead of following the traditional method, why don’t you try out online tendering? There will be no hassle with the paperwork and searching for an online tender is much easier in this aspect as well. So, here, we are going to help you in learning a little bit more about the online tender search procedure.  

1st Step: Visit an E-Tendering Website 

To begin with, you will need to visit an e-tendering website first. There are several excellent options available out there on the web. So, try to do some research on Google and pick up a legitimate option. Be sure to delve into some customer reviews to learn if the site is fraudulent or not. Once you have found out whatever you are looking for, be sure to click on it and proceed through our second step. 

2nd Step: Begin Searching for Tenders 

Most government and legitimate private tender search websites have an almost similar type of searching module. So, let’s take the example of BidAssist, one of the best tender sites in India, and proceed with it. 

Once you open the official website of BidAssist, you will find a sublime UI with a search engine module. On the top section of the site, you can find three different four options, which are – Pricing, Global Tenders, Indian Tenders, and Tender Result

Click on Indian Tenders and, a drop-down menu will appear in front of you. Now, from here, you will need to find the “By States” to advance further. Now, before you continue, we would ask you to complete the signing-in procedure for safekeeping your search results. 

Anyways, after clicking on “By States, you will get a state-wise tender search result on your screen. The name of the regions will be organized here in an alphabetical manner. So, now, you will need to keep scrolling until you have found out the state you are looking for. 

3rd Step: Find Out the Desired Tender

After clicking on the desired state, a brand new page will open in front of your screen. Here, you can find the available tenders in a listicle format. You can see the location details of the tenderer at the top of the tender search result. 

After that, you can find out how many people have already viewed it and its category as well. There will be a section of the opening date and closing date, too, available here for more user convenience. In some cases, you can find the amount of cash the tenderer is looking for as well. 

Now, in the bottom section, you can find four distinct components, which can be used for different purposes. The first option lets you take notes about the tender and keep the crucial details in check. 

Conversely, with the second option, you can send an e-mail directly to the owner of the tender and enquire them about their offering. With the next component, you can share the tender through social media with your known ones. 

The last one will help you to enlist the tender as your favorite and enable you to find it from your “favorites” section. 


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