How to protect the Camping tent from the rain?

Camping in the flood is not exactly an exhilarating experience, but it happens to everyone, sooner or later. But if you know how to protect the tent from the rain, the discomfort is certainly less. Here are some useful measures to preserve the tent, avoid condensation and keep all the comfort inside.

Mud everywhere, wet shoes and clothes, ran wildly to secure stove, chairs and hammock: here is the typical scenario of sudden rain on the campsite. We can’t control the weather, but we can give you some tips on how to protect the tent from the rain.

Choose the right tent:

First of all, if you don’t want to be caught unprepared and don’t want to end up wringing clothes soaked in rainwater, get a tent that can withstand bad weather. The best ones are certainly those with basin and double sheet:

• The basin can be detached from the tent or integrated with it. If you are wondering which is the most suitable to protect the tent from the rain, the answer is: both. Thus you will have external protection and internal protection. Colemen has designed his single-basin system: it is TOTAL SYSTEM, a single floor integrated into the tent that ensures it is best protected against rain.
• The double sheet instead serves to protect the tent chamber and to let the water flow over it, it has heat-taped seams and prevents a single drop from entering.

Best Camping Tent: it is equipped with a completely basin system, i.e. polyethylene flooring (160 gr / m2) throughout the tent, but also with a polyester overlay (water column: 2000 mm, i.e. resistant to the pressure of a column of water 2 meters high), aluminized and insulating. Check the list of camping tents here

Use an additional towel

If you really want to be 100% sure that the tent is isolated from the ground and that its floor lasts a long time, so as not to find yourself with unpleasant infiltration due to the depressions of the ground, you can have an additional sheet. Usually used by Spartan and expert campers, the TARP is a super-waterproof sheet: by placing it under the tent, you will surely stay dry. Remember not to let it out of the perimeter of the tent, to prevent water from raining on it and ending up under the tent.
Alternatively, use an extra sheet over your head: with Wind Screen.

Ensures the right ventilation:

Unfortunately, sealing yourself in the tent will prevent rain from entering but will undoubtedly cause condensation on the internal walls. How to protect the tent from the rain without suffering from annoying condensation?

Ensuring proper ventilation: leave the internal doors open, raise the perimeter flap of the abovementioned area, occasionally let air in, and you will see that the humidity will be easily swept away. The ideal is to choose a tent whose rooms are made of breathable fabric: almost all good quality tents, like Bertoni Globo 3 VIP, are made of breathable polyester (which waterproofs and avoids condensation) and equipped with ventilation hoods.

And if none of this were enough …

If you really find yourself under the universal flood, with water dripping into the tent despite all precautions, be ready with heavy artillery: towels and paper towels!

They are useful both to buffer various leaks and to dry the condensate that could form despite good ventilation. And if you resist this too, then you will have a good story to tell in front of the next bonfire!

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