Tips For A Happy Marriage

How To Prepare For Married Life

Common Newlywed Struggles  

Money problems

Financial challenges are common within married couples. Sometimes there is a failure to plan finances as a collective and sometimes there are disagreements regarding how money should be allocated and distributed. You will encounter different levels of income and expenditure now that you are a couple, your budget and financial plans need to be adapted and tailored towards your joint needs and ambitions.


Being newly married can lead to challenges regarding changing and differing schedules. When living with someone and sharing a life with them, it is important to adopt a schedule that compliments theirs. There can be some complications because partners may have to change their routines and live in a different way to what they have been used to.

Mixing families

A common struggle of newlywed couples is having clashing personalities with in-laws or other family members. It can sometimes feel like family members are becoming too involved in the marriage and this is a common cause of tension.


Getting married is a big commitment and lifestyle change. You will encounter lots of changes, some that you will be happy about and others that you may not like so much. The pressure of getting married and keeping things ‘perfect’ can cause different emotions and lead to tension. You may find yourself arguing and feeling annoyed by small things, this is common but can be improved with good communication.

Tips On Preparing For Married Life 

Think ‘we’ not ‘I’

Throughout being part of a committed marriage, it is likely that your perspective and way of thinking will change. Instead of making plans for yourself, thinking of only your own needs and ambitions, you now have to consider those of your partner.

Be committed

Marriage is a big commitment, you should prepare yourself for this commitment and be willing to stay dedicated to maintaining a happy marriage. Your commitment will be needed in various forms, such as a commitment of time, work, trust and loyalty.

Plan for the future

Marriage is a long term commitment, meaning that your preparation for marriage life should consider long term plans. You should plan your financial situation, your ambitions and your journey together. There will be many life stages that you will reach together such as career progression, having children, moving locations and retirement. Regular communication about these life stages can help to ensure that both needs will be met and both of you will remain satisfied.

Tips For A Happy Marriage  


Strong relationships and happy marriages require compromise. Sometimes you will have to show willingness to adapt your schedule, readjust your priorities and compromise on your opinions. If you fail to compromise, it is unlikely that your partner will be happy and valued within the partnership. Compromising helps to ensure that both partners are considered and helps to find solutions that satisfy both needs.


If you keep good communication throughout your marriage then you can avoid arguments and tensions. Good communication can also help with planning for the future because you can discuss things like ambitions, career opportunities, children and retirement. This can help married partners to adapt to each other’s needs and find a nice compromise, it can help the couple to keep similar mindsets and priorities.

Plan effectively

You should plan your finances and circumstances thoroughly to avoid future complications. You should consider both perspectives and needs within your plans. Be open about finances and learn to budget as a family, including things like your mortgage, National Grid utility bill, food, insurance and more.

Keep it exciting

You should always try to do fun things together that you both love and enjoy. You should keep making new memories throughout the marriage to avoid feeling like there is a loss of excitement. The things you enjoy may change with time, you could also try to take on new hobbies and find new interests both as a couple and individually.


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