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How To Place A Living Room As Per Vastu

No matter if you have a traditional or a modern house but there is always a living room in every house.  This is the most common part in every house and if one visits someone’s house, they gather in the living room only for a get together or for a social session. This is the room in the house where one can socialize with family and friends.

Hence one can always arrange their living room according to vastu factors so that positive energies always keep flowing in the room. One can check the online vastu in Gurgaon to get some easy tips on how they must arrange that room in the correct manner to stay positive and happy.

  • According to vastu, the living room has to be on either in the east or the north direction of the house. But if one has a south facing house then they must place their living room in the south east corner of the house. If one is not much into social gathering and night ling parties are not arranged there then having the living room in the north west direction can be good for them.
  • If one wants to have a small prayer or a pooja room in their house then it has to be in the north east part of the room because it is the ideal location for the God to preside.
  • If one wants to make their guests stay in their house for longer then they must think of placing their living room in the south west direction of the house. But in most cases it is advised by the vastu specialists that it is the ideal place for the master bedroom. The floor of the living area has to slope towards the north or east. The ceiling has to slope to the same.
  • The door of the living room has to be either on the north or on the east because it brings in good health, wealth and overall progress. A door to the south east or the north east can indicate success but then it also takes lot of hard work to achieve. The entrance to the west can be great for researchers and scholars.
  • When one is arranging furniture in the living room, the heavy things should be either in the west or in the southern side. If there is no such option there then one can keep the furniture either to the north or to the north east.
  • The head of the family must sit facing the north or the east when they are in the living room as this shows their authority over the house. The television has to be put in the south east corner of the room and the air conditioner or the cooler should be in the north west or east direction.
  • One can also keep some beautiful paintings in the north east wall or corner of the house.

One can consult a vastu specialist in Gurgaon before they do their final arrangements.


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