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How to make an Instagram page popular By Travelers

Instagram has long ceased to be just an entertaining social network and has turned into an opportunity to earn money. How to properly arrange the page on Instagram to make it effective for business, and how to make it popular – read in our material.

How to make an Instagram page popular

Social networks in the twenty-first century play a large role both in the process of getting to know the brand, and for the profit of the company. Instagram, in particular, can answer many questions of consumers, be a point of contact with the buyer, and at the same time generating leads. However, in order to perform all these functions, the Instagram page must be popular and readable.  

Avatar and profile header

Business experts say that customers often remember you not my nickname, but by their avatar. Therefore, he must clearly demonstrate the face (if it is a personal brand) or the company logo (if this is the business page of the enterprise). Changing the avatar is extremely undesirable, as subscribers can be disoriented. In the profile header, in turn, it is necessary to indicate the direction of the company (or content subject) and the address of the location of the business, as well as contacts. A correctly filled profile header will lead users’ offline.

Instagram content

First, Instagram is a visual social network. Therefore, it is on beautiful pictures, photographs, and videos that the highest bid is made. Today, the requirements for the quality of content in this social network are very high: if you clear photos in the stream are of poor quality, this will push away the consumer. Clear photos can be obtained either with the help of new smartphones or with a professional camera. Ideally, hire a photographer who will do several photo-shoots so that the content is a few weeks to months in advance. At the same time, don’t worry that someone is using your content, it’s impossible to download photos from Instagram, as the social network actively takes care of copyright.

Text content also has a very important role. Now beautiful photographs are not all that the public wants from Instagram. Most often, she needs a mood or good. Keep a blog of the company, talk about achievements or faces (they, by the way, are very well accepted by the audience) and share useful skills in your field. The blog should be thematic and relate to the type of activity of the enterprise. Then you combine native advertising with engagement (Instagram considers the comments and likes to be important for ranking).

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How to make Instagram readable

Content for promotion is accompanied by hashtags, which are both a navigation solution and the ability to expand reach. Users often search specifically for hashtags, so it’s highly likely that they will find your company. Hashtags should not be too high-frequency (have numerous publications on the network with it), because among a million photos a day with this hashtag, users may not find your company. In turn, niche hashtags that are less commonly used will lead an interested consumer to your page.

The promotion of an Instagram profile includes not only the creation of the right content but also its promotion. To date, the possibilities of advertising in the social network itself are quite limited, with primitive advertising and non-detailed targeting. In turn, Facebook (and Instagram belongs to this particular social network) can give you more opportunities if you link the pages of social networks to each other. Thus, you can set up advertising on Instagram through the Facebook advertising account, which is much more convenient.

Where to order Instagram promotion

Page promotion in this social network is a complex task that requires specialist skills in various areas of marketing. Therefore, more often customers give preference to ordering services from professionals. Social Captain is an Internet marketing agency that has already helped many users to “grow” a channel and make it recognizable. At a reasonable cost, specialists will increase the statistics of views, engagement, and turn readers into potential customers of the company. The business page on Instagram is its face in front of customers. Trust it to those who understand.


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