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How to Improve Online Learning?


Nothing has a 100% perfection and everything needs more innovation and improvement over time because as the time passes, the technology evolves the improvement is required to fulfill the standards. There are some tricks, by following them you can improve online learning and improve the quality of education as well.

Here are some tricks and techniques that you can follow to get improvement in online Quran education.

Motivate your students

Students need to get motivated all the time and because of the studying pressure they can get demotivated anytime. So, to improve the online learning experience for students, tutors need to motivate students from time to time. 

So, it is best if you motivate your students and help them to achieve their required goals. Also learn about the Islam.

Build Up a Personal Connection with Your Students

It is very cardinal to make a connection with each of your students so that you know them and you also get to know what they are capable of. After knowing their abilities, it would be easy for you to teach them and you would teach them according to their caliber.

Creating a personal connection with the student is the need of the hour and it helps to improve the quality of education as well.

Class Participation

In online classes, class participation of students is almost equal to zero. It is very important for students to participate in class. This would not only elevate their confidence but also help them to build a personality.

Schedule Discussions 

When you want to improve online learning, there is one thing that is compulsory to add up in your “To Do List” of improvements and that is the discussions with the students. You should specify a day in the week where students get a chance to put forward their concerns about the subjects and lectures or confusion and get a chance to discuss it with their tutors.

Review Test Mistakes 

It is important to highlight the mistakes of students and then review them with the students and tell them to make a correction. This helps them to remember it and when their mistakes are corrected by their tutors and they are asked to correct it, there is an 80% probability that they won’t forget that correction ever.

Extra Time for Struggling Students

All the students are not same, some of them needs extra attention and they have to struggle more than the other students to get good results. You just have to find out those students and help them out by providing extra time and extra attention. This would be of great help.

This would not only boost the students result but also improve the quality of online learning directly.

Add Animation to Your Lectures

The best way to improve the quality of online lectures/learning is to add animations in them. With the help of animations, students will learn things more easily. There is research that shows that students learn more quickly when they are not just told the information verbally or in a written format but when they are represented with an animation of the topic.

Arrange Random Quiz

Online education gets automatic improvement when you start to arrange quizzes on random basis. When you start to ask questions suddenly and without informing them. This would make the students to stay prepared for questions all the time and they will stay active all the time. It would automatically increase the quality of online classes.


All the steps and tricks that can be a helping hand in improving the quality of online classes have been mentioned above.

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