How to Ensure Balanced Nutrition?

All of us know that food has a huge impact on humans. And a lot depends on what we include in our diet, how we cook and eat it. A person whose nutrition is balanced does not suffer from a deficiency of vitamins and minerals, excess weight, or a feeling of abdominal discomfort.

In addition, when switching to a balanced diet, the work of all organs and systems is normalized, well-being becomes better, and lightness appears. It’s better to visit a sound health care center like Premier Health Center and get your balanced nutrition plan from the professionals. Here are the main recommendations for a healthy life and nutrition that experts give:

  • The diet should be varied, including dairy and meat products, fresh vegetables, fruits, berries and herbs, legumes and grains, seafood and fish. The principles of a healthy lifestyle advocate the rejection of fast food, muffins, and excessive consumption of sweets, replacing white bread, baked goods with rye and bran bread.
  • Sufficient fluid intake. For the average adult, the norm is 2 liters of clean water a day at normal times and 3 liters on a roast. It is important to give up harmful drinks: instant coffee, tea with unnatural additives and flavors, sweet soda, alcohol, cocktails with dyes and flavor enhancers. It is recommended to drink clean water 20-30 minutes before a meal or an hour after a meal.
  • The calorie content of the daily diet should not exceed the norms. For weight loss, it is recommended to reduce this figure by 500-600 kcal per day. The daily calorie content of the diet is different for everyone and should be calculated individually. On average, this figure for an adult is 2200-2600 kcal.
  • Diet is also of great importance. Forget about nighttime overeating or the constant snacking of burgers and sandwiches. Start by sticking to a daily routine in which you have breakfast, lunch, lunch, afternoon tea, and dinner at about the same time. Moreover, consume the most high-calorie foods for breakfast and lunch.
  • Eat all food slowly and chew it thoroughly. So you will get satiated faster, get pleasure from food, and all useful substances are better absorbed by the body. DO NOT eat while running. Turn off the TV while eating, look away from the computer, and put your phone aside.
  • Cook only 1-2 times, always consume fresh food. It is better to go to the store or the market several times than to try to cook more, and therefore eat so that the purchased fruits and vegetables do not disappear.
  • Look for something new, add flavor to your usual diet. Set the table beautifully, decorate even the simplest dishes, make the food you want to eat, it looks appetizing and neat. Especially these rules of a healthy lifestyle work well in childhood. An appetizing omelet in the form of a funny face or a portion of porridge, decorated with pieces of meat and herbs, is eaten by children of different ages much more readily, even if in the usual form the kid refused to eat this dish for a cut.
  • It is also necessary to monitor the compatibility of products. For example, you cannot eat two protein meals in one meal, as this will impair the absorption of nutrients.

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