How to Choose the Right Face Painting Kits for your Kids

Halloween, birthdays, and get-togethers aren’t complete without kids showing up looking like ninjas, spiders, and little kitties. Give kids face paint and watch their mini-world light up.

Not sure where to start? Here’s what to consider when choosing face painting kits.

1. Safety

The delicate skin of kids requires that you observe the authenticity of every facial product you administer on them. They should be FDA compliant and manufactured from eco-friendly products.

Face painting kits come with different colors that require you to be careful and choose the ones specifically meant for human skin. Remember to check for the components of every product in the kit.

2. Quantity and Capacity

The designs you work on determines the colors you may prefer, and how much paint you need. Apart from that, the number of kids you work on, and the number of times you’ll use the kits are key to determining how much painting color you need.

You do not want to run out of paint mid-design.

A kit should contain color palettes with colorful paints, sponges, stickers, glitter crème gels, tattoos, and makeup crayons. A better kit can come with full instructions and guidelines on doing different faces.

3. Brushes

You can do almost nothing without the brushes. Kids have soft, delicate skin; therefore, you must be careful to choose brushes with smooth bristles that are not irritating.

Select a kit that holds brushes of various sizes for the different designs you want to work on.

4. Party Theme

It is wise to consider what colors to buy for which party. If it is a large party, then your kit will have to hold more paint and more brushes.

The good thing is, the face-coloring kits come in different themes since most children these days have various characters in their head for every theme party.

The theme-based kits include wicked witch kit, pretty princess, pirate face, little devil, skull face, lion or leopard kit, circus clown, birthday party kit, tiger face, and professional face-coloring kits. You only have to go for what works for the specific moment.

5. Cleaning Ease

Cleaning the kids’ faces after an event is another factor to consider when purchasing a kit, although the kids might want to stay with the paint longer.

You must settle on what comes off easily without harming their faces in any way. If it does, then you have another major task to accomplish.

A party is only lit when you have the best face painting kit for the kids. As you’ve seen, the most crucial thing is the safety of its users.


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