How To Choose The Best Mattress In India

How To Choose The Best Mattress In India?

A mattress falls under the category of those essentials that improve your posture and health. In the overcrowded Indian market which is filled with hundreds and thousands of manufacturers, finding the right mattress needs effort. You can not pick any mattress claimed by the seller as the best spring mattress in India. You need to make sure if it passes through all your requirements and can last long. So keeping your health, body posture and sound sleep in mind, here is a guide that will help you choose the best mattress in India.


A person’s body weight or the combined bodyweight of people sleeping on the mattress plays an important role in defining how long a mattress will last. You might have noticed there is a fixed capacity mentioned on every mattress. That capacity is the amount of weight that the mattress can take to provide a comfortable sleep and last long. If by any chance you exceed the capacity, the mattress will not be able to perform as promised. This genrally hapens n the case of obese people. They do not realise that buying a mattress that has less capacity will not be soft but non supportive for them.

In such cases, spring mattresses are a better option to go for. If you buy a spring mattress, it would provide high density and better support to people of all shapes and sizes.


Another essential factor that should be considered while choosing a mattress is age, especially for Indian lifestyle. Age helps in dictating the body weight, muscle strength and bone density. If you are forty or above in age, you should go for a mattress that doesn’t really sink in. For children and young adults these things don’t really matter. They can go for a medium firm mattress or even a softer mattress. But for older people, a mattress that supports their bodies and prevents chronic pain is highly recommended. Spring mattresses in India are one such mattress that cover all these factors. They allow the sleeper to sleep in both back and side sleeping positions.

Sleeping Position

Lastly, the sleeping position of the person also plays a vital role. If you are someone who sleeps on the side or back, you should go for a mattress that allows you to sleep this way. Choosing a softer mattress here is good as that would easily comfort you while you sleep sideways, but will it support the spine too? This is why spring mattresses are considered the best in India. They let you sleep in all positions, both back and side without causing any discomfort.

Finding the best mattress in India has many challenges but if you consider the above mentioned factors you can definitely end up having a sound sleep.


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