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How to Carry Designer Labels Elegantly

Want to make a statement by flaunting designer clothes? Be it classy formals, chic hip hop clothing to dresses from famous Italian designers, wearing designer labels is all about looking good and sporting the latest trend. It’s a fact that designer clothes cost a little more than the usual ones available in the market, but if you want to stand out from the crowd, then it is worth the expense, isn’t it?

However, a caveat that comes with showing-off your designer pieces is – never wear too many labels at in one go. So, strike that balance to strike and wear designer clothes without looking overtly flamboyant, and get that classy and elegant look.

So, here are some tips on how to carry designer labels elegantly and not look too ostentatious.

First, understand what looks flattering on you

Don’t copy anyone – rather develop your own style. Which colors suit you the most? Which dresses in your wardrobe identify with your personality? Find designer dresses for women which will suit your personal style and your choice of colors. Buy clothes that suit your body shape and don’t just go after the trends or copy your friends and colleagues.


Wear one label at a time

Don’t mix too many designer labels at one time. Don’t overdo it and be proud and flaunt one name at one time. Go with just a single designer piece that displays the name in a prominent way. So, if you are wearing that Ankur and Priyanka Modi tunic, then just offset it with some trendy pieces or accessories that aren’t a designer label.


Copying celebrities blatantly isn’t a great idea

Who doesn’t get inspired by celebrities? But wearing the exact pieces and copying their outfit design as-is isn’t a cool idea. It’s better to stay with the ongoing trend but not worry too much about what your favorite celebs are wearing. Get started and check out the latest jackets, tie-dye tops, or linen shirts and don an earthy look. Find the designer dresses for women that will enhance your personality.

Partially conceal the label

So flaunting the label of your designer dress openly or prominently isn’t a great thing to do. Rather, you should partially conceal the label of your outfit or bag. Doing this will maintain the understated tone of your outfit, and also let the onlookers be curious and guessing.


Focus on the quality and cut

Designer dresses for women are usually made as per a high standard by using the best quality material. Extra care and attention are given to the cuts and stitching of the garment. Many fake designer items like handbags and accessories might have the same symbols on them but they lack the quality of the designer piece they are copying. And the good quality is what designer outfits and labels are all about. So, always focus on the quality and elegance of the designer label as that would last longer and also enhance your personality.


Wear a recognizable label in a unique way

If it’s a designer shirt with the logo on it, then maybe wear a stole over it and don’t let the label shout out loud. Or if it’s a designer Anarkali you want to flaunt on your friend’s sangeet, then tone down the jewelry and avoid loud accessories.

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