How Japanese Futon Mattress Is Better Than Regular Mattress?

Japanese have a tradition of eating and sleeping on the floor they are following it for a very long time, the Japanese always protect their culture and customs.Futon means mattress or something to lie down on. Futon mattress is created in such a way that it gives comfort and peaceful sleep. Read the following article to know how Japanese Futon Mattress Is Better Than Regular Mattress?

How to Sleep with Comfort?

In order to give yourself a comfortable sleep first thing you need to do is to find out which is the bestmattresstobuy. A lot of people are not aware of the fact that the basic reason for their sleeplessness is due to a poor quality mattress.

Japanese Futon Mattress Vs Regular Mattress

Regular Mattress            

  • The regular mattress is considered the one with coils. These metal spiral coils are present inside the mattress which makes the mattress of high quality while providing you with comfort and support.
  • A standard size mattress should have at least 300 coils whereas, a queen size mattress has 400 coils, and for the king-size – it should have more than 380 coils. Mattress with higher coil counts is considered to be much greater as compared to the minimum level of coils.
  • The coil mattresses last more than a simple foam mattress. These coils are protected with tempered steel and further with foam cushion to meet the comfortable desire of the customers.

Traditional Japanese Futon Mattress

  • Futons mattress is more solid than regular mattresses because they are designed to be put on the floor, sleeping on the floor can reduce the pain in your back and so using a futon mattress on the floor can be good for you. However, as you are suffering from a solution to chronic or severe back pain it is always best to see a physiotherapist otherwise for a better sleep a futon mattress is probably the best idea.
  • Unlike other regular mattresses, a futon mattress is lightly weighted it is made from natural cotton. If you are living in a single room apartment then a Japanese futon mattressis the best option for you as you can store it easily in your wardrobe after sleeping.You can easily get your futon mattress from renowned online shopping store named as Futon Beds From Japan is selling the authentic handmade cotton futon mattress worldwide.
  • To clean it always use a damp washcloth, warm water, and delicate washing detergent to remove any hidden surface stains. Avoid soaking the mattress into the water; keeping it moisture can lead to fungus.

Why Futon Mattress is better than Regular Mattress?

Futon mattress is concerned much better than the regular mattress because you the coils of the regular mattress are loosened up after a year almost you need to change the mattress more often in order to get comfortable sleep; whereas a futon mattress is a cotton soft covered mattress which lasts for 5-10 years if properly taken care of.

All in all, the first and best way for comforting your sleeping style is to have a good quality mattress. Trust me, half of your sleeping problems will get solved after this.


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