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How Do You Know It Is Time To Replace Your Mattress?

If you find yourself thinking of whether it is time to replace your mattress or not? The answer, most probably, is yes. There are no hard and fast rules for making this change but you know, for sure, the right time is when the mattress starts creating problems for you.

If you are not able to relax, you are experiencing trouble sleeping, you have a back ache when you wake up or you don’t feel comfortable due to lack of a comfortable sleep; it is time to replace your mattress. Before going to the bedroom furniture store, read the complete guide to make the best purchase possible.

As soon as you start feeling that the mattress is no longer providing you the comfort you desire, you should replace it as soon as possible. Nothing matters more than a sound sleep; without which you cannot stay healthy and cannot be productive.

Start your hunt for the right mattress

Once you know that you need a new mattress, the first question is where to buy it from? A local store can be a good choice but in today’s era anything you wish is available online. Follow the steps to buy mattress online with ease.

Which mattress is right for you?


Mattresses come in various sizes; Small single, Single, Small double (Queen), Double, King and Super King sizes are most common in the UK. Choose the mattress size according to the size of your bed.


The type of mattress is usually described on the basis of its material. It can be memory foam, fabric, pocket spring or smart grid. Choose the type that matches your requirement. Also focus on the firmness of the mattress, according to your height and body weight choose the right firmness.


Set your budget for the mattress you are going to purchase as the mattress itself is a considerable investment of your money.

The age

Almost all mattresses have a lifespan. Make sure the mattress you choose have long enough life so that it does not need to be replaced any time soon. Sleep experts always recommend to replace the mattress when it has completed the lifespan.

Delivery time

Make sure the mattress you purchase does not take too long to be delivered to you. Choose the delivery option which is as early as possible so that you do not compromise your sleep in the following days waiting for the mattress to be delivered.

Return policy

Make sure to read the return policy or ask them about it. Go with the store that offers free return if the customer is not satisfied with the product.

Why return?

If you are having trouble sleeping on your new mattress or you are having fragmented sleep and you feel that the mattress is the reason. Return it right away! If your mattress is too soft that you sink into it, it means that this mattress is not right for you and cannot provide the support you need, which will result in back pain and can lead to other health issues as well. Replace it with a firmer mattress.


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