How Can Your Wig Serve You Long?

Many people wear wigs either, because of hair loss or just to change your hairstyle and get a new look. Whatever is your reason to invest in wigs, you must be wanting your wig to last long, whether you choose human hair wig or synthetic wigs. And it’s also an important factor with other considerations like color, texture and style.

Typically, the human hair lace front wigs are better than synthetic wigs. They will last longer than a year if you take proper care, whereas synthetic wigs last for only six months only if you don’t over style them. However, there are certain tips to make your wigs last long.

What Are Various Pros of Human Hair Wigs?

The first thing is you should invest in a good quality wig, that is expensive. It is stated that wigs made from 100% human virgin hair are best and will also last you long. The virgin human hair wigs are natural and are not treated chemically and the cuticles intact, which give them natural look and longevity. Also, make it the right choice. Moreover, these wigs are available in many styles like human hair lace front wigs, human hair straight wigs and many more. You can also get them in different shades like black, brown, burgundy, cherry brown etc.

However, these human hair wigs which are colored and processed have a shorter lifespan, but styled hair is an excellent investment for getting that new look. 

The human hair wigs have a lot of advantage than synthetic hairs:

  • The human hair wigs look natural and feel amazing as they are made from natural virgin hair of humans.
  • There is an abundance of texture available, so you can choose and get any human hair wigs which match your style and skin.
  • The most amazing facts of human hair wigs are, you can style them according to your wish. You can color, straighten, curl and even do perming on them.
  • If you choose these wigs, you can also get already styled ones like curly wavy wigs, loose deep wave wigs and more.

How Can You Increase Their Life?

To make these wigs last long take proper care:

  • Before washing remove tangles with fingers or a wide comb tooth. Start at the end first then move to roots to avoid any damage.
  • Rinse the wig under cold running water till it’s completely wet.
  • Then take a small amount of shampoo in hand and evenly apply from roots to ends. Don’t massage with strong hands, do it gently to avoid breakage. 
  • Afterwards hold it under cool water and let it get cleaned. 
  • Now take a small quantity of conditioner and apply on the hair. Don’t apply the conditioner on roots as it may cause shedding.
  • Leave the conditioner for 3 minutes or follow the instructions mentioned in the manual booklet.
  • Rinse it under running water till it’s clear, then gently squeeze extra water and dry it with a towel. Don’t twist or wring.
  • To dry it completely place the wig on a stand. Don’t keep it under the sun and don’t brush it just style it with fingertips.

How Long Should You Wear Human Hair Wigs?

It depends on how it’s installed and what type of wig you use, whether it’s ready to wear a wig, human hair lace wigs or 360° lace wig.

You can put it on your own on a daily basis, but it won’t be secure, so you should go to a professional. And can wear it for about six weeks; however, you should take proper care to make them last long.


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