How can you work in Australia?

There is no plain worker visa to Australia. So it’s not like you grab your little bundle with your ash-baked patty, push up the sunscreen, get on a plane and get off in the hot summer in say Sydney and you’re already coming out of the terminal with 5 offered jobs because but it’s good, that you are here. Well no.
Let’s start with the fact that you don’t even get on the plane anymore, because you also need a visa to go to see that warm summer there without any intention to work. It follows that you also need a visa to work, which, say, cannot be disrupted in 5 minutes.

But to have some light at the end of the tunnel, I’ll now share a few options that give you a chance to get out and work a little, although it’s a fact that each is surrounded by rock-hard criteria and it’s not enough to deftly push the sunshine into your eyes.

Let’s look at the first one!

Work & Holiday visa

Currently I think it is the easiest visa to get. Although it only works for 31 years and only if you have some postgraduate study experience, do you speak English at least at a basic level and can you show that you have the means to sustain yourself (yes, parents can introduce and no, now we won’t discuss the logic of why to show money once you go to work). So this is about. In 14 days you can get + the time you spend collecting the papers. I think it’s worth it so much that you can then stay outside for 1 year, work full time, travel and even study if you want.

So I would message adventurous young people to cut into it. Nor should it stagger that the quota is 200 people a year, because I would note that we haven’t even consumed a portion of the first year, so the young people are so adventurous. (I would mention here: I got on the plane for the first time to Australia at the age of 23, I was alone and the second time in my life I was on the plane. So pull in!)

Student Visa:

The second option is a student visa. There is no age limit here, but you can really enjoy it even in your twenties and if you really have learning intentions. Because just because of a visa to sit in a school, which you don’t even want in the middle of your back… back… .although the goal sanctifies the device. So with a student visa, you MUST surprisingly learn – English, profession or whatever at university – and work side-by-side and full-time during school breaks.

Increasingly, more and more young people are choosing Australia as the location for their university education, so you have the opportunity to be out, take over and enjoy the Australian lifestyle for up to several years. This, in contrast to the WH visa, has a much longer organizational time and you definitely need to be able to cover your studies, as that’s basically what it’s about, the job opportunity is just a bonus point.

Establishment Visa

The third option is one of the establishment visas. This section is quite diverse, so you won’t be very prepared for a single blog post, you can start the lead ant in your head anyway if you have hidden thoughts in that direction. So establishment visas are all based on one thing: have the right profession and VERIFIABLE experience, which is good for Australians.

Be of the right age and English can go at least at the intermediate level, but rather above it. Whether your profession is good for Australians is decided by the shortage profession list. If you have your profession on it, you can move on, if not, you need to find option B. There are also a thousand types of visas. There are places where you can settle on points, there are places where you need an employer, there are places where you become a permanent resident immediately and there are places where you can only move out for a few years.

But we cannot deviate from one thing. From your profession. If you have otherwise been able to obtain any such visa, you can, of course, work full time under the conditions attached to the visa.

So if you’re thinking about going down to Australia a little bit, all I can say is go! I think everyone should see it one day, even in addition to feeling great at home.
If you still have questions about this, feel free to ask. And if you’re not interested in the whole thing, just want to go hiking and try one of the caravan tours


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