Horadam Super Granulated watercolors

Horadam Super Granulated watercolors

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What does granulation mean?

We often hear about granulation, especially in watercolors, but few know what it means. Granulation is that particular effect thanks to which the particles of the pigments dispersed in the watercolors we are using thicken, forming a specific texture. It is a chemical-physical process: some pigment powders attract each other during the application of the color and the drying of the water, creating granules. These granules will remain on the sheet’s surface, revealing detailed textures when the paint is completely dry. Not all colors are grainy. Some pigments (blues, earth) are more “led” to granulation. The latter can also be caused artificially by using particular media for granulation.

The new super grained colors Horadam Schmincke

Horadam Super Granulated watercolors
In this paragraph, we will start by providing a brief description of all the characteristics of these particular granulated colors, up to analyzing each color of drawings. Let’s go!


As we mentioned earlier, granulation is an effect that is particularly appreciated by many watercolors. For this reason, Schmincke has decided to produce, in a unique and limited edition, 25 new Horadam colors capable of producing a SUPER granulation.

What distinguishes these watercolors from all the others is indeed the principle of pigment selection. Granulation is generally obtained by mixing the pigments with the black pigment PBk11, known to be highly granulated. However, Schmincke wanted to take a different path: the Horadam Super Granulating Watercolors are produced using two other pigments, already used in the Horadam series of watercolors, capable of providing themselves the granulation effect, giving the idea of great harmony once mixed. It is a unique solution, which no other watercolor manufacturer has ever experienced. That’s why we believe this product is incredible!

Another essential feature of these fantastic watercolors is the resistance to light. All the shades present within the 5 series are highly resistant to sunlight and are all classified with 4 or 5 stars. In addition, Lightfastness is classified with stars, ranging from 1 to 5, where 1 is the minimum resistance level, while 5 is the maximum.

Pay attention: the final yield may vary depending on the paper or the amount of water you will use. For maximum output, we recommend using a coarse-grained form.
These are the main characteristics of the Horadam Super Granulated Watercolors now. But, first, let’s analyze the 5 individual series in detail.

Deep-Sea colors

Glaciers inspire the five shades of the Glacier series. These large ice masses are often pictured as a pure white color, but this is not the case. Instead, they hide within them the stains of the water, the colors of the earth, and the colors of the night. The galaxy and its secrets. How long have they fascinated the human soul? The five super-granulated Horadam colors of the Galaxy series remind us of distant galaxies, nebulae, planets yet to be visited.

A little ‘fruit of the imagination, a little’ of reality seen through astronauts’ eyes, you will find shades ranging from pink to black through purple. The Forest series represents one of the two brand-new editions included in the Horadam Super Granulated Watercolors.

The shades of the forest series are perfect for creating a wide variety of forest types and feature a varied range of shades of green. The Tundra series is one of two new series added to the fantastic Horadam Super Granulated Watercolors. Also composed of 5 different shades, it allows artists to create austere Nordic landscapes beautifully. Thanks to these colors, it will be possible to capture the exotic travel impressions of relatively dry regions.

Where can you find them?

As we mentioned at the beginning, they are unique and limited edition colors. Unfortunately, we have not been given any further information, and we do not know if these colors will produce on a large scale or just a limited edition for 2021. They are only available in very few stores worldwide, and Mom Art is the only Italian retailer (and one of the few Europeans) to have been selected to offer this exclusive product. For us, it is an honor, and we are delighted with this opportunity! It is a further confirmation of the work we are doing and that we want to offer you a preview of all the best news in the world of Fine Arts!


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