Hammertoe Treatment Houston

Hammertoe Treatment Houston

Are you embarrassed because your toes are bent upward to resemble a hammer?It usually occurs from the second through to the fifth toe. What more, the bent toes rub against shoes causing irritation and pain leading to the development of corns. It is common if you wear too tight shoes and narrow shoes near the toes. Hammertoes could also be a complication of certain neuromuscular conditions and arthritis. This condition leads you to seek Hammertoe Treatment in Houston from a foot doctor specialist.

Non-surgical hammertoe treatment

Early stages of hammertoe can be treated by non-surgical methods if the toe is flexible enough to move. The treatment can ease the swelling and pain in the toe and joint. The non-surgical treatments help redistribute the body’s weight more evenly across the bones and joints of the foot that allows the toe room to heal.

1. Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs

These are recommended by the foot doctor to relieve pain and swelling. The drugs are taken orally, and they are readily available over-the-counter. If the pain persists the doctor may recommend a pain relief medication. The doctor needs to prescribe the drugs because they estimate for how long you should take them, and if the use is prolonged, they monitor the side effects such as headaches and nausea.

2. Conservative measures

There are different products available in the market used as a hammertoe straightener or cushion the painful parts of the foot. These are recommended by a podiatrist based on different factors such as the severity of the hammertoe, corns, and calluses present on toes. Splints and medical tape are used to stabilize the hammertoe by binding it next to the next toe and keeping them in a straightened position. Tape and splints eliminate friction from inside the shoe.
Pads act as a buffer between the callus or corn and to relieve pain and pressure caused by the shoes rubbing against the callus and corn.

Orthotic inserts that are soft and firm, are used to redistribute body weight across the joints and bones of the foot. It removes excess stress and pressure from the toes and major pain relief. Bony bumps conditions are dealt with hammertoe orthotic inserts that ease the pressure of the swollen of the foot and painful parts of the foot. Orthotic inserts can be custom made or an over-the-counter brand.

Hammertoe corrector surgery

If the hammertoe is stiff and interferes with your ability to walk or causes chronic pain the podiatrist may recommend corrective surgery. The procedure is offered as an outpatient procedure and it relieves pain and restores the quality of life. General anesthesia or local anesthesia with sedation may be administered. An incision is made on the affected toe and the doctor using different techniques to correct the position of the toe. Surgical lengthening or release is the most common technique used; it releases the muscles that are contracted resulting in hammertoes. The foot doctor can remove a small part of the bone to ensure the toe can extend fully. Reshaping is used when the hammertoe has prevented the toes from straightening for long causing changes in the size and shape of the joint.


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