Guest Blogging to Boost SEO and Influence

As far as online marketing is concerned, apart from achieving simple objectives such as raising traffic and converting sales, one of the main goals is to improve both awareness and impact. Setting oneself up as a strong authority on the Internet for the industry in which one is involved is an important element to which a lot of efforts are directed towards content marketing. Thinking about content marketing, guest blogging has become an important part of the process much like sharing infographics. Infographics are common largely due to the visual appeal they carry and the fascinating way content is projected through them. Guest blogging also has its merits and can be used to enhance SEO as well as gain online influence.

Here are a few steps on how this can be achieved:

When creating a post, writing around one targeted keyword is one of the best ways to marry it with SEO tactics. Use the one keyword in your article, and repeat it in the post’s first paragraph. This will definitely tie in with the basic principles of SEO and give your post an edge, even from a novice point of view of optimization. Use the same subject once a post is written and published, and add a second extension on your blog. Make sure the first guest post includes a hyperlink of the same. It serves two purposes, one of which is that the readers get more benefit from your mutual information and you also get Google credit for your relevance.

Obviously, when you write for someone as a guest blogger, you’ll benefit from a forum that helps you to highlight who you are along with your social connections. This helps you build your own community and network of bloggers as the people who like the post are likely to click on your name, blog name, or one of the social links and may become followers. Add to that Google Authorship and you’re definitely on the way to gaining more web influence. When writing a guest post, it’s important to select a topic that fits well with the website or blog that you’re writing for is of interest to the target readers. Creating a link with the audience through your writing is important, and the key to its relevance.

To increase your influence through guest blogging, create a network with the industry’s topmost influencers you’re writing for makes complete sense. That may be via Twitter or Facebook, but the key goal should be to create meaningful relationships with them that enable you to gain leverage through their social sharing capabilities. Of course, one of the things that will help you gain influence, in the end, is to consistently write the original content. Well-written and well-researched posts help build credibility. All the above steps can help in boosting your reputation as a powerful, reliable source on the internet and further enhance it.

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