Get To Know About Eta Subclass 601 And Its Eligibility Criteria

Get To Know About Eta Subclass 601 And Its Eligibility Criteria

The Electronic Travel Authority Eta Subclass 601 is for people who wish to visit Australia briefly as a vacationer or to take part in business visitor exercises, for example, going to a gathering, going to a conference, and so on

Intending to visit Australia for the travel industry or business reason?

Apply for the Electronic Travel Authority and get the benefit of heading out to Australia the same number of times or keep awake to a quarter of a year for each visit for as long as one year.

The Electronic Travel Authority Eta Subclass 601 is an electronic travel visa that is connected to a candidate’s identification and planned uniquely for the travel industry and business visitor purposes.

The Tourist Electronic Travel Eta Subclass 601 is just for those applicants searching for the occasion, doing recreational exercises or seeing family or companions in Australia. This Eta Subclass 601 is legitimate for 1 year and permits different visits for as long as 3 months.

The Business Electronic Travel visa permits visiting Australia for business reasons as it were. This incorporates going to a gathering, exchange fairs or workshops, making work requests, inspecting, arranging, marking, or updating a business contract, business visit. This visa is additionally substantial for 1 year and permits numerous visits for as long as 3 months.

Character Requirements

To satisfy the character prerequisites, you should be liberated from criminal records. Anyone visiting Australia on an Eta Subclass 601 with a criminal history would be wouldn’t enter in the nation.

Medical coverage

You should be secured by Australia’s public wellbeing plan (Medicare) to take care of all the wellbeing costs for the span of remain in Australia.


  • You should be outside Australia, or in movement freedom to stop a substantial visa application.
  • This visa doesn’t permit you to work in Australia or reading for over 3 months.
  • All in all, this visa permits you to remain in Australia for as long as 3 months.

Key Eligibility necessities

  • You should be a resident of a specific nation. Qualified international IDs are endorsed by authoritative instruments, perused the total rundown here.
  • You should fulfill certain Public Interest rules and Special Return measures.
  • You should meet wellbeing and character prerequisites.

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