Everything you need to know to rent a flat for students – Guide 2020

We are in the middle of August and there is less and less for the beginning of school, a time when many students are looking for an apartment to rent. Therefore, today we tell you everything you need to know to rent a flat for students.

If you are an owner, this article interests you a lot, but also if you are a student since you will also know all the rental requirements as well as the details and characteristics of the contract that you are going to sign with the landlord.

Responsibilities of the owner when renting a flat for students

A landlord is the owner of a house, apartment, or any real property that is rented or leased to a person or business, which is called a tenant (also called a tenant).

In this case, to a natural person who is usually a student. The difference of students with other tenants is that most of them do not face the payments for not being working at the moment.

Therefore, those who respond financially are usually their legal guardians, that is, the mother and father.

For this reason, it is usually the parents who go as collateral and those who sign the rental contract. All this does not influence the responsibilities of the landlord who is obliged to her tenants to maintain a “habitability guarantee”.

That is, the landlord must provide a livable, safe, and clean place for his tenant. He is also responsible for finances, taxes, utilities, and property maintenance. You can avail Apartments & Flats for Sale in Jumeirah Village Circle for better experience. Contact Zoomproperty and avail this opportunity now.

The landlord is the final responsible, but it does not have to be the one who pays for the services of the property, at least not all and not indirectly. This is because many of these services and taxes are included in the rental agreement.

For example, garbage, electricity, water, or gas usually go separately but are paid by the tenants. Therefore, the owner must provide these services to the tenants and choose the best way to charge them.

Here you must take into account the services that the students are going to have. And it is that well it can be done to collect individually from each one or to collect a total. It is best to make a total estimate of the expenses and collect them together.

Requirements for renting a flat for students

In the event of an incident with a student, the parents are the ones who must answer for it. All of this must be included in the rental agreement.

The rental contract must have all the data on the services and the amount of the lease. Besides, you must add the deposit, the return, the contract time, and an inventory or list of the furniture included in the property to avoid damage to them.

The owner can add additional clauses to the contract, such as not allowing pets in the apartment, limiting parties and noise at certain hours, or prohibiting smoking in certain areas of the house.

Thus, the responsibility falls on the students and it is always the parents who are responsible for the final damages.

One way to protect against possible damage is to opt for insurance. Some real estate companies offer a service called rental insurance that protects the owner from any problem.

In addition to covering it against possible incidents such as non-payment for one or several months, this service can also include the search and selection of tenants.

From Renovalia Inmobiliaria we offer this option for those owners who do not feel comfortable doing the procedure themselves.

Recommendations for renting to students

Although many owners do not approve of renting to university students due to the possibility that they are only in their apartment for a few months or a school year, the truth is that many students opt for an apartment to spend their entire degree.

This makes many owners choose to rent their properties to students as long contracts are secured and the payment of several university students ensures a high amount each month.

Have the floor well-conditioned

Additionally, students often repeat tenants of the same property. Of course, the apartment must comply with certain things, for example, it must be well-conditioned, have good services, access, location, and finally, a reasonable rental price.

He thinks that the students do not have a great economic capacity, but the sum of several makes many owners bet on this form of renting.

Advertise the flat on youth social networks

Other tips and recommendations from the experts are to put ads in places and social networks that young people frequent. For example, ads on Instagram, Tik Tok and the like as well as at the university.

Of course, it is also advisable to advertise on rental platforms and put the typical “student apartment for rent” sign.

However, many times it is not easy to find the ideal tenant, especially if they are students. For this reason, many owners prefer to play it safe and put themselves in the hands of expert real estate agents to help them rent their homes.

At Renovalia Inmobiliaria we know the importance of finding reliable and responsible tenants, even if they are students, therefore, if you are an owner and need to rent your property, do not hesitate and put yourself in our hands.

We will find the best option for you and your property!

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