Enjoy The Craziest Desert Safari Experiences In The Deserts Of Abu Dhabi

The capital of the United Arab Emirates –Abu Dhabi- is famous for many renowned destinations and luxurious tourist spots. The city life represents modern civilization while deserts show typical Bedouin lifestyle preserved with traditional values. Abu Dhabi has become an international hub to welcome tourists from every corner of the world. Even more than half of the population of Abu Dhabi is based on international visitors.

The desert safari is the biggest attraction spot for many tourists especially coming from European areas. From start to end everything desert sport is incredible. The guests are welcomed with Arabian ghawa, dates, and snacks before heading to enjoy desert sports. In this article, I will explain all the top features of the desert safari activity one by one. Get ready to hop on and enjoy boosting desert sports in the desert.

Dune bashing:

The most exalted feature of the desert safari from Abu Dhabi is a 30 to 45 minutes dune bashing session on twisted and elevated dunes. Your heart will be pounding and you will feel a blast of energy and adrenaline to make you super excited. Driving through sharp cuts will turn you out screaming.

ATV quad biking:

You will feel a little bit scary but it will be an exciting adventure to explore the marvelous landscape of the desert in your own way. ATV quad biking is like a roller ride on crust and trough of dunes. You will feel almost flying in the air over bumpy dunes.

Sand skiing:

Sandboarding is the most preferable desert sport during desert safari from Abu Dhabi because everyone loves to slide through inclined dunes. The adventure-junkies will be entertained by falling, gliding, and skiing through slopes. Usually, a sand-board similar to snow-board is used for sand skiing. The unlimited supply of high-quality mineral water and soft drinks keeps you hydrated and active during a desert safari tour.

Camel riding:

The camels are particularly known as ‘’Ship of the desert’’. The camels are tall enough to have a panoramic view of the divine landscape of the desert. You can feel birds flying right above your head. It seems lovely to ride on a camel during your way to the campsite. The tourists love to stay for a while at the camel’s farm to explore the world’s famous races of the camel. The evening time in the desert is exceptionally beautiful and awe-inspiring to capture gorgeous snaps.

Arabian costumes:

The tourists feel lovely to wear beautiful Arabic dresses like Abaya and Kandora. The beautiful designs and fine embroidery on dresses depict a true heritage and civilization of the Middle East. Well, there is no need to mention to capture photographs. Obviously, everyone would do that. However, during Dubai city from Abu Dhabi, you can visit many contemporary shopping malls where you can buy all the latest dresses and other items.

Intercontinental BBQ dinner:

Definitely, you will be feeling hungry after enjoying thrilling desert sports in the desert. Soon after you arrive at the campsite, the waiters serve delicious barbeque dinner with sausages, refreshments, and sausages. The properly cooked meat and prepared with high-quality spices will fill your mouth with water. I advise you to squeeze a lemon on BBQ steaks to double the joy. The tender desserts are equally good to taste and they feel like the cherry on the top.

Dance performances:

The dance performances feel like a relaxing time. You will love to enjoy the dance performances while sitting comfortably against silk cushions in the tent. Belly dance is the most awaited dance performance by the tourists. The dancers are well-prepared to perform synchronized dance performances on melodious Arabian flutes. The complex movements of the belly, hip, ribs, and thigh will leave you spellbound to observe.

Tanura dance is a typical religious dance in which dancers show amazing skills by moving in a circle.

 Now it is the turn of the fire dance show. It is something exceptionally unbelievable. The dangerous stunts and rhythmic performances such as baton twirling, poi spinning, fire breathing, or fire eating are worthy to watch.

Henna painting:

I think all the females love to have henna painting tattoos either on hands or feet. The beautiful designs and fragrance seem lovely. 

Hookah pipe:

Most of the tourists try hookah pipes during the desert safari tour. The savory and rich flavor of tobacco all the way from Cuba makes it lavish to try.

Apart from the desert safari tour, the Dubai city tour from Abu Dhabi is a worthy tour to visit. It is always appealing to visit Dubai Creek, Dubai  Museum, Jumeirah Beach, Jumeirah Mosque, Burj Al Arab, Palm Jumeirah, Atlantis Hotel, Marina View, Dubai Mall, Burj Khalifa, and drive through Sheikh Zayed Road. Briefly, the desert safari tours in Abu Dhabi should be on the top of the list of places to visit during your visit to Abu Dhabi.

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