Double door refrigerator vs. side by side: Which is good?

You will get a variety of options when it comes to buying a new refrigerator. These electronic devices are a one-time purchase, as people do not like to change it very frequently. Therefore, you need to make a precise decision before getting one. The two most trending refrigerators in the new era are double door and side by side refrigerator. One needs to consider a whole lot of aspects before buying a new refrigerator. Let us look at some of the premium and differentiating features of double doors and side by side refrigerator. At the end of the article, you will be able to pick the right one for you:

  1. How do you define a double door refrigerator?

Modern Double door refrigerators, as the name suggests, have two separate doors for the freezer, and the other is the primary door. It allows you to open both the door separately without having to allows the cold air from the freezer to skip out or vice versa.

  1. How do you define a side by side refrigerator?

You can imagine a side by side refrigerator as a cupboard. One compartment consists of a freezer, and the other one is for storing regular food items. You can slide the door sliding side to open each one of them.

  1. Here are some contrasting features of these refrigerators:
  • Capacity of the refrigerator: Side by side refrigerators offer more space due to their premium quality construction. However, it also depends on the capacity (how many liters) of the refrigerators you are buying.
  • Power consumption: Both the double door and side by side refrigerator will have higher power consumption than the single door. However, they can also differ according to the star rating.
  • Price: The cost of side-by-side refrigerator is a bit higher due to the presence of superb features like automatic defrosting, LED display, low noise level, water dispenser, multi airflow cooling, and flexible rack.
  • Handling and ease of use: It is better in a double door refrigerator. You can readily move or take out large bowls/items in the double door refrigerator.
  1. Pros and cons of these refrigerators:

Pros of double door refrigerator:

  • It utilizes a lesser sweep area in the kitchen.
  • Shelves are large and accommodative.
  • It is ideal for large families.
  • Auto-cleaning functions eliminates manual cleaning.
  • You save energy and temperature with two doors.

Cons of double door refrigerator:

  • Not suitable for smaller families.
  • The frost-free technology utilizes more energy.

Pros of side by side refrigerator:

  • Kids can readily locate the items and reach them.
  • You will never feel frustrated to find any item.
  • One can dispense the ice and water through the door.
  • Have a large area for accommodating a variety of food items.

Cons of side by side refrigerator:

  • These are wider and consume more space in the kitchen.


We have narrated everything about the side by side and double door refrigerator. We hope that you will be able to select the ideal one for your home setting. Thank you for reading!


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