Domestic Travel Insurance: How To Choose Best Domestic Travel Insurance Online

Unexpected situations are bound to come your way even if you are on a domestic trip. These situations might arise in the form of accidents, losing/theft of your wallet, baggage thefts, cancellation of flights, etc. Therefore, you must always be prepared to face them by purchasing a domestic travel coverage policy. Domestic travel insurance policies are created to take care of such unexpected emergencies and you just need to pay a premium fee to avail them. These policies are offered by insurance companies and you will also find many insurance providers on the websites of travel organizers. For choosing the best travel insurance policy, you can use the below-mentioned ideas: 

Contact your existing insurance provider 

If you already have an insurance policy then you can contact it to verify whether your current insurance policy includes travel insurance or not. Many banks and insurance providers provide a domestic travel insurance policy for their customers at zero fees or a nominal cost. If you are lucky enough then you might get extensive financial cover for the unexpected conditions that can trouble you while traveling. 

Policy duration 

Some policies will provide you coverage only for 1 trip whereas you can also subscribe to a multi-trip insurance policy if you are a frequent traveler. The multi-trip insurance plan will be beneficial in this case as it will cost you much more to obtain a separate policy for each of your trips. 

It is better to check the duration of the policy to be aware of its extension period in case you decide to extend your trip for a few more days. Therefore, it is always recommended to choose a policy that lasts a bit more than the duration of your actual trip. 

Explore the places covered by a policy 

There is no point in applying for domestic travel insurance India if it doesn’t cover the cities or places that you are planning to visit. Therefore, you must explore the places that a particular policy covers and also check whether it provides cover for abroad locations or not. 

A domestic travel policy is ideal if it provides cover for maximum destinations (both domestic and foreign) and even includes the locations that are considered to be risky. 

Bajaj Finserv, an NBFC offers domestic travel insurance that even includes cover for foreign trips. This cover is provided to make unpredictable situations hassle-free and lets you enjoy your vacation with your family and friends without any stress. The following benefits are included in this travel insurance plan:

Takes care of all your expenses 

If you are left stranded in a domestic location due to wallet loss/theft then this travel insurance plan will come to rescue you with a financial cover of Rs. 50,000. It will come in handy even if you are searching for financial assistance during an abroad trip as it provides a cover of up to 1,00,000 for abroad trips and vacations.

In both cases, the financial assistance can be used to pay hotel bills, book a return ticket, or for any other expenses as well. 

Provides emergency relief 

An emergency cover of up to Rs. 3,00,000 is assured in case of emergencies like burglary, accidents, loss or theft of baggage, and other incidents. Therefore, you can now enjoy your trip without worrying about anything. 

Bonus benefits 

The bonus benefits include free replacement of Pan Card, ability to block your debit/credit cards if they are lost or stolen, and on-road assistance that provides prompt repair services if your vehicle breaks down in the middle of your trip. 

These countless benefits and features make it one of the best domestic travel insurance plans in India. You can apply for this online domestic travel insurance India policy today to visit stunning and happening destinations. 


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