Different types of Paper Shredders you should know

Just like any other product in the market, the paper shredders are available in a variety of different types. These days, different brands are manufacturing different variants of paper shredder machines. You may find hundreds of paper shredding machines in the market. Most people are unaware of the types of paper shredding machines that they can buy. For the same reason, we have written this article for our readers.

Below, we have mentioned some of the common types of paper shredders that are available for purchase in the market. We have described each type of paper shredder in brief. Go ahead and read the below information mindfully.

1. On the basis of the types of cuts, there are 3 different types of paper shredding machines:

2. Strip-cut paper shredding machine: This type of paper shredders are also called as straight-cut, spaghetti-cut, or ribbon-cut paper shredders. This shredder consists of a single blade that cuts the papers in a vertical manner. According to the DIN 66399 standards, the strip-cut shredders are rated as P-2, or DIN P-1. This means that they provide a minimum amount of protection to the user’s data. This type of paper shredders require less amount of maintenance and are fast. The only downside is that these types of shredders are not good for shredding sensitive or confidential papers.

3. Cross-cut paper shredding machine: This type of paper shredders are also called as confetti-cut shredders. These shredding devices cut the papers from both directions in a diagonal manner. The cross-cut paper shredders offer a better level of security than the strip-cut shredders, thanks to the cross-cut technology. It can cut a paper sheet into more than 350 particles. According to the DIN 66399 standards, the level of security offered by cross-cut shredders are p-3 and p-4. This means they provide a medium level of security.

4. Micro-cut paper shredding machines: The micro-cut shredding machines provide security higher than that of the strip-cut shredder and cross-cut shredders. The micro-cut paper shredding machine can be used by the users to destroy extremely confidential documents and data.According to the DIN 66399, the micro-cut shredding machines offer p-5, p-6, or p-7 level. It is the highest level of security offered to the users. These types of shredders are used by government organizations and private individuals to destroy their sensitive and confidential data.

5. Auto-feed paper shredding machines: The auto-feed shredders are amazing. They are specifically designed to offer ease and convenience to the users. Such shredding machines can shred high volumes of papers in an automatic manner. This means the users don’t need to waste the time holding the paper which is being shredded. All you have to do is load the documents inside the shredder machine and allow the shredder to perform shredding for you. The automatic shredding machines are mostly used in offices such as in the financial department.The auto-feed paper shredding machinesare created for shredding the high quantities of papers. In a single session, you can shred more than 500 sheets of paper using the auto-feed paper shredding machines.

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