Days Guide to IVF Success

Days Guide to IVF Success

In-Vitro Fertilization is one of the most common artificial pregnancies that is undertaken by almost 1 out of every 8 women, who have failed to conceive naturally due to one or another reason, causing infertility. It is a systematic procedure wherein the female eggs are fertilized in a lab with a male semen collection, the embryos so created are then transferred into the uterus of the female. Of course, considering the precision required in the treatment, one should always opt for the best IVF center in Delhi or any other place of residence. The success of one IVF cycle depends upon several factors and as such each should be taken care of. Here we are presenting you a guide of various eating habits, exercise rituals and other important guidelines to increase the rate of success of your IVF.

What all to eat?

It is extremely crucial to undertake only balanced meals both before and during the time of the IVF cycle. Avoid introducing any significant change in your diet or adopting a whole new diet during this time, like gluten-free or vegan. Make sure whatever diet you are consuming is full of healthy nutrition that your body needs.

Here’s how:

  • Include as much as fresh fruits and vegetables
  • Introduce lean proteins like poultry and fish, in your diet.
  • Fill up on whole grains, like quinoa.
  •  Eat lentils, legumes as well as beans
  • Choose low-fat dairy products instead
  • Include healthy fats in your diet
  • Prohibit from undertaking red meat and any processed food or refined grain.

Working out tip during IVF

Most of the women are under the pretense that hitting on an exercise mat during the cycle will harm their chances of conceiving. This is not true. Most women can go on with their daily exercise without much change. A female with a healthy Body Mass Index (BMI) and a healthy womb can continue with their work-out routine. However, running should be avoided altogether. Running is the most disruptive form of exercise for the females in their IVF cycle as it negatively affects the womb of the female by thickening the lining of the womb. It also forces the blood to shift to other organs of the body in place of the womb at the time when the reproductive system needs it the most.

Consider replacing your runs with:

  • Careful Hiking
  • Light Spinning
  • A light jogging
  • The Elliptical

Chemicals are the biggest enemy of the IVF Cycle. How to avoid them?

Chemicals are extremely harmful to the normal working of a human body, and as such more harmful to the women undergoing pregnancy or in their cycles, as their bodies are more sensitive during these times. While we avoid raw chemicals to mingle with our everyday schedule, certain household items are created using chemicals that are also known as Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals (EDC), which are equally harmful to the ladies in their IVF cycle and as such should be avoided in every manner. As per all the top IVF center in Delhi and other places, along with all the obstetrician & gynecologist, EDCs impose a bad effect on:

  • Female hormones, hampering the growth of the embryos in the uterus
  • The reproductive health of the females, causing fatal harm to the embryos, and
  • Prenatal development.

The EDcs in general, harm the health of every individual and therefore it is always advisable to eliminate their uses in everyday life and substitute it with a more natural element.

Products with chemicals that should be avoided during IVF cycles and pregnancy:

  • Nail Paints: While we all dearly love neatly painted nails, it should be completely avoided during the periods of IVF cycle and for at least a year of conceiving as well, as they include Formaldehyde – a chemical element that poses threat to the health of females undergoing pregnancy as well as the health of the infant.
  •  Cosmetics, Soap, and Moisturizers: To keep your skin healthy glowing along with giving you a beautiful look, soap, moisturizer, and all the cosmetics are almost the inevitable part of our while. However, the females during their IVF cycle and pregnancy should maintain a good distance from all of these as, all the soap and moisturizer variant, and every member of the cosmetic family include chemicals like Parabens, Benzophenone, and Triclosan, which pose a serious threat to the health of both mother & embryo.
  • Others: Apart from the mentioned above, expecting mothers should also maintain a healthy distance from plastic, medication coating, and packaging material for they too contain harmful chemicals. Also, any other product or fragrance that leads to a nauseous feeling to the female should be avoided.

Preparing and undergoing through IVF is challenging to all and therefore the important step is to take your time and prepare yourself mentally for every change coming your way, before going for the procedure.

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