Creating jewellery with nuts
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Creating Jewellery With Nuts

Divert tassels collected during your walks in the forest to create DIY authenticate Celtic jewellery inspired by nature and autumn!

Create jewellery with nuts

In anticipation of the festive season or simply to accessorise your clothes throughout the year, DIY jewellery always makes a little impression.

Imagine and create your own jewellery

What could be more satisfying than wearing your own creations? After the madness of knitting, sewing or crocheting, it is jewellery making that is all the rage. Making your own jewellery is not complicated, you just need to have the right material before you start. By following our tutorials, you can easily make a ring worthy of a designer, an original and colourful necklace, or even a bracelet collection for every day of the year. Making your own jewellery also allows you to pay attention to your wallet while continuing to succumb to the different trends. So don’t wait any longer to make your own!

Making necklaces with nuts

If you are a fan of Claddagh Pendants, this DIY is for you!. With paint or glitter, you can easily customize them to transform them into original pendants. Easy to make, the DIY necklaces of this collection will perfectly match your autumn outfits!

Creating bracelets and necklaces with seashells

During the summer holidays, you never get tired of creating necklaces and bracelets according to the treasures found after a walk along the water’s edge…

Creating bracelets and necklaces with shells

Back to school soon? You don’t really want to leave your summer and beachwear behind? It’s not easy to wear a pair of Tongue at work… To ward off the return to everyday life and give some pep to your office outfits, create your own jewellery with seaside souvenirs. Making your own jewellery is a creative activity that appeals to adults and children alike and will allow you to make personalised gifts for your loved ones. Bracelets, necklaces, rings, it’s up to you to choose the set or the ornament you need! Making jewellery yourself is not complicated when you have the right explanations and the right materials.

Shells, wooden beads, sailor’s twine or driftwood, they are thrown around your neck! Make your own bracelets or necklaces, to wear or to give as a gift, they will always make their little effect. Like Julie Archer, create necklaces with shells that look like you. Don’t hesitate to make the matching bracelet for a complete fantasy set. Your friends will become green with envy and will probably order them quickly! All the stages of the creation of the costume jewellery in the explanation section!

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