Courier to Canada from India; A Detailed Guide

Are you willing to send some couriers to Canada from India and you are confused about the agencies and the charges then this article is just for you?

Here you will get all the details that you need to acquire before sending a courier to Canada from India. You need to know about all the perks and benefits of sending your courier to Canada from India along with the changes required to deliver it so that you can select the agencies.

Benefits of the courier to Canada from India

If you are sending products via courier to Canada from India, it will be highly beneficial for you. You will get a great opportunity to flourish your business in the market of Canada. This will not only give you chance to acquire new customers but will also increase the reach of your products. Apart from these benefits, you will be also able to enjoy the government incentives schemes.

Perks of a good international courier service providing agency

There are several International courier service providing agencies in India that will be helping you to deliver your courier to Canada from India. But the one which will be most beneficial will provide you many perks.

You will provide good customer service along with the option to track your courier. You will also get multiple payment options along with reliable charges. They will also provide you free pick-up and delivery option.

Standard Charges for Courier to Canada from India

Before planning to send any courier to Canada from India, the first thing you must be aware of is the standard charges for the respective weight of the courier. These standard charges will also help you to find a reliable agency that will charge you a suitable price for your courier. So here is the list of the charges that apply for couriers to Canada from India.

-For 0.5 Kg, INR 2,306.

-For 1 Kg, INR 2,659.

-For 2 Kg, INR 3,090.

-For 3 Kg, INR 3,860.

-For 4 Kg, INR 4,405.

-For 5 Kg, INR 5,052.

-For 6 Kg, INR 5,392.

-For 7 Kg, INR 5,931.

-For 8 Kg, INR 6,192.

-For 9 Kg, INR 6,697.

-For 10 Kg, INR 7,203.

-For 11 Kg, INR 7,905.

-For 12 Kg, INR 8,657.

-For 13 Kg, INR 9,409.

-For 14 Kg, INR 10,161.

-For 15 Kg, INR 10,914.

-For 16 Kg, INR 11,666.

-For 17 Kg, INR 12,418.

-For 18 Kg, INR 13,170.

-For 19 Kg, INR 13,922.

-For 20 Kg, INR 14,675.

-For 21 Kg, INR 15,554.

-For 22 Kg, INR 16,432.

-For 23 Kg, INR 17,310.

-For 24 Kg, INR 18,188.

-For 25 Kg, INR 19,066.

-For 26 Kg, INR 19,815.

-For 27 Kg, INR 20,688.

-For 28 Kg, INR 21,563.

-For 29 Kg, INR 22,436.

-For 30 Kg, INR 23,309.

-For 31 Kg, INR 22,661.

-For 32 Kg, INR 23,392.

-For 33 Kg, INR 24,123.

-For 34 Kg, INR 24,854. 

-For 35 Kg, INR 25,585.

Hence, the above-mentioned charges also include the charges for fuel, insurance, and delivery. Any duties, taxes, or customs charges in Canada will be added to this mentioned amount.


Thus, before planning to send your courier to Canada from India, you must be aware of everything related to it, either it is selecting the courier agency or the charges for the courier. So here was the detailed information about everything that you need to know about the 

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