Cool Things To Give Your Brother For A Trendy Lifestyle

The generation today doesn’t go with the flow; it gets along with the trend. Whether it’s about playing a specific mobile game such as PUBG or having parties at the pub, the trend is something that attracts people.

Every year, thousands of trends come and go, and some of them survive for more than a year. But time is never a dimension to know the beauty and importance of a trend.

This article is for all the sisters out there for helping their brothers to live a trendy lifestyle. And for that, we have gathered some cool things that sisters can gift their brothers.

Just like the time, we are not considering the aspect of price. It’s all about the trend!


Earphones and headphones have ruled the market for quite a long time, and they had the mass drooled over them. But today’s trend is Earbuds! They are an upgraded and wireless version of earphones and use Bluetooth technology to get connected. Earbuds are really handy and comfy in comparison to both earphones and headphones. Gift a pair of branded Earpods to your brother and make him smile.

Bracelet Rakhi

Every year, you tie a beautiful rakhi thread on your brother’s wrist on the occasion of Raksha Bandhan, and he tries his best to keep it on for as many days as he can, but it can’t be more than a month or two. So, how about a bracelet rakhi made with precious metal like silver or gold? It will be on his wrist for many years to come. You can easily buy rakhi online under the bracelet category.


This is a gadget of fun and help! Hoverboards are in trend for quite some time now, and they still attract. Make you feel immensely happy and adventurous by giving him a cool hoverboard. Learning to control a hoverboard is a task itself.

Wireless Gaming Setup

If your brother is madly in gaming, then you can adore his interest by presenting him wireless gaming setup. It has a mouse, headphones, microphone, and controllers which are all wireless. Maybe this can give your brother a motivation to start a gaming channel on Youtube. As a bonus, when you’re busy fragging zombies, you can charge any Qi-enabled device.

Self-Adjustable Shoes

Yes, you read that, right! Expensive shoes make a great gift but what if your brother can have a pair of shoes which adjust according to the shape and size of the foot. Right now, NIKE has the best self-adjustable shoe pair, which also looks trendy. You can buy a pair of self-adjustable online.

Abstract Design Shirt & T-Shirt

Lines and checks are now a term of the past in the aspect of shirts and t-shirts design. People today wear shirts and t-shirts of abstract design. Many come with floral designs, and many have quirky imagers. And many have a design that is new-age and beautiful. That’s truly a trend to follow!

Pick any one of the above or all of them to flabbergast your brother!

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