Comprehensive Guide For 485 Visa Requirements

Do you aspire to work in a mesmerizing and welcoming country like Australia after finishing your studies? Then start planning from today. In this context, the best visa option is the Temporary Graduate Visa Subclass 485 to apply for. This visa has been designed for international students willing to stay, study, and work in Australia after completing their studies. This visa is furthermore divided into two individual streams i.e. the Graduate Work stream and Post-Study Workstream. 

A brief introduction to the two 485 visa streams

As already stated above that the 485 visas are furthermore divided into two separate streams. These include the Post-Study Workstream and the Graduate Workstream. A small introduction to each of these visa streams can be considered below. 

  • Post-Study Workstream

This visa stream is available for applicants, who got their first student visa on or after 5th November 2011. You can apply for this visa stream only if you have graduated from a reputed Australian college/university. With the post-study workstream of the 485 visas, you can stay in Australia between 2 to 4 years. This particular visa stream lets you work, study, and stay in Australia temporarily. 

  • Graduate Workstream

The Graduate Work stream is for international students who recently graduated with a set of special occupational skills and qualifications. These qualifications and skills should be relevant to occupations comprising the Skilled Occupation List of Australia. This visa stream allows you to stay in Australia for a period of 18 months. Most importantly, you can bring your family members with you with the graduate workstream of the 485 graduate visa. It also allows you to work, study, and stay in Australia temporarily. 

Imperative Requirements of the 485 Graduate Visa

So, do you wish to apply for the graduate visa 485 as well? If so then there are certain requirements which you should meet in the proper and expected way. By complying with each of these criteria effectively, you will become eligible to apply for the 485 graduate visa. These pre-requisites can be considered below. 

    • You need to obtain a substantial accreditation from the industry body relevant to your skills/qualifications. 
    • The Australian Border Protection and Immigration impose certain health and character requirements related to the 485 Graduate Visa. To comply with these health and character criteria in the proper and expected way. 
    • You should apply for the 485 visas within 6 months from the date of your course’s accomplishment. This means the date on which your educational institution handed you over your trade qualification, diploma, or degree. This date shouldn’t be misinterpreted with the date of a conferral event like a graduation ceremony etc. 
    • The course you had completed should be completed through the medium of the English language. Besides, the duration of your course shouldn’t be less than 16 months. 
    • You should also meet the English language requirement. 
    • The duration of your course of study should at least be 2 years equivalent to 92 weeks. 
    • Complying with the age requirement to apply for the 485 visas is equally important. So, make sure that you are below 50 years of age before applying. 
    • You should be a learner willing to transit to the 485 graduate visa from your current student visa. You should be the holder of any of the student visas given in the bracket (student visa 500, 574, 573, 572 and 570). You need to do this within the last 6 months and not less than that. 
    • As an applicant, you should be the holder of a substantial visa when applying for your graduate visa 485. This needs you to be the holder of Bridging Visa A or B. Alternatively you can be the holder of any substantial visa as well. 
    • You should have completed graduation, post-graduation, or doctorate level program registered under the CRICOS.  The full-form of CRICOS stands for the Commonwealth Register of Institutions and Course for Overseas Students. When applying for the graduate work stream your academic qualification must be relevant to an SOL occupation. Conversely, if you are applying for the post-study workstream, then you should hold a substantial academic qualification. 
    • You should be the holder of an authentic health cover until your subclass 485 visa remains valid. 

Remember that the requirements stated above should be met in general regardless of the visa stream. Aside from this, you cannot show the degree of an English language proficiency course to meet your study requirement. The reason is these English language courses aren’t included in the CRICOS.  

Check out the processing time of your 485 visa

In general, the processing time of the 485 visas Australia is between 1 to 4 months. Conversely, it can vary greatly depending on which visa stream you have applied for. The processing time of your 485 visas will also differ optimally according to your home country. Remember, that the processing time of the post-study workstream is way faster as compared to the graduate work stream. You should also be the holder of a substantial health cover to ensure hassle-free processing of your 485 visas. 

What else? 

So, it may happen that you have graduated from Australia and applied for the post-study workstream. In such cases, it becomes imperative for you to stay in Australia lawfully until your 485 visas is granted. The key to resolving this issue is by applying for a substantive Bridging Visa A or B. Either of these visas will let you stay and work in Australia legitimately till your visa 485’s final outcome.

Inclusion of Family Members

With the 485 graduate visa, you can now also include your dependent family members. These family members have to be in Australia while you are applying for the 485 visas. Dependent family members who are staying outside Australia can also apply only after your 485 visa gets authentically approved. Most importantly, each of these applicants has to be the holder of a valid health plan as well. 

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