What is a Throw Blanket

Common Throw Blanket Materials

Throws come in many different materials. The type of fabric used will determine the blanket’s warming capabilities and weight. Here are some of the most common materials used. Throw a blanket on top of the bed.


Fleece throws are some of the most popular. The material is lightweight enough to use all year long. It made out of synthetic fibres, which helps to make it affordable.

When it comes to comfort, fleece is top-notch. It’s very comfortable on the skin. Thanks to its synthetic nature, it’s also great for people with allergies.


Cotton is a natural material used in several different ways. With a standard weave, cotton throws offer a lot of benefits. The biggest is its breathability.

It doesn’t trap air. Instead, it provides some ventilation to keep you cool. Throw blankets can also make out of much cotton-based fabrics like chambray and velour. Lets see what is a throw blanket here with other subtopics. 


Cashmere throw blankets are great for the winter months. It’s a natural material that comes from the wool of goats. Weaved the wool into thick fibers that turned into fabric.

The material offers great insulation. It prevents your body heat from escaping and cold air from getting in. Thus, you can use it for extra warmth around your home.


You may know for its durability; microfiber makes a great material for throws. It’s soft and features a tight weave. When draped over a couch, microfiber throws can prevent any spilt liquids from getting through.

Faux Fur

Before the discovery of textile, humans used fur to stay warm. Faux fur is a great animal-friendly alternative. It made out of synthetic fibers.

Blankets throw that use this material offers an opulent touch to your decor. In terms of comfort, these throws offer great insulation. The thick fibres trap heat underneath to keep you warm.

Throw Blanket Styles and Colors:

Whether you prefer muted tones or vibrant patterns, you won’t have a hard time finding the right throw blanket for you. As we discussed earlier, throws often used for decoration. As a result, there are far more design options available than there are for standard blankets.

Regular blankets serve a particular function, so they don’t need to be flashy or unique. Throws often placed in common areas of the home as accents. Thus, manufacturers offer colours and patterns that pop.

Popular Patterns

Many throws have bold patterns may not be found normally on blankets. You can use the patterns to your advantage to dress up your bedding and furniture. Tossing a patterned throw onto a simple piece of furniture is a great way to add some visual interest—all without making a big commitment.

Some of the most popular patterns you’ll find are plaid and stripes. Both of these options are unique enough to stand out. But, they’re not over the top.

More daring options are available, too. There are plenty of throws out there that use floral patterns, checkered squares, modern motifs, and so much more.

Complementary Colors

When it comes to choosing colours, the possibilities are endless. Most interior designers choose hues that complement other elements in the room. For example, you can match the colours in your throw blanket to work with the colours on window coverings or wall art.

Or, you can select shades that convey a specific feeling. Designers use shades of blue to create a feeling of calm. Bright colours like yellow represent energy.

Unique Textures

Another design element to consider is texture. Many throw blankets also combine different types of weaves. These include loose cable knits, quilted stitching, and embroidery. 

A unique border around the perimeter of the blanket adds texture as well. Fringe and crocheted lace are very popular options.

Many people use the term “throw” to describe all types of blankets & write for us here. However, throws couldn’t be any more unique. They’re versatile accessories that can add loads of comfort and style to your home.

You were understanding what makes a throw blanket so distinct can help you take full advantage of the benefits it provides. There is no shortage of ways to use a throw. Whether you choose to keep it on your bed or toss in on your sofa for those cold winter nights, your throw blanket will become a household staple.


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