Common Car Maintenance Mistakes That Can Kill Your Car!

Everybody owns a car these days and taking care of a valuable thing like is necessary. Getting a regular car service is important. These days doorstep car service in Bangalore and other cities is available. There are mistakes that people make while driving their cars which should be avoided. Some of them are listed below:

  1. Starting the car with a cold engine

One of the most common and repeatedly done mistake by car owners is that they do a cold engine start. Cold engine start means that the engine oil is cold when we start the car. This cold engine oil is responsible for many problems that can occur to the car. This situation is usually faced in cold weather. This is the main cause of wearing down of the engine. One way to avoid the situation is to keep an eye on the temperature gauge of the engine. After the engine warms up, start using the full pedal. By taking these measures you can ensure a long life to your car’s engine.

  1. Not checking tire pressure

A common mistake that people usually make is getting their tires changed after they get flattened out. It is advised that regular tire rotation should be done to avoid wear and tear and to ensure that they last longer. Another reason to check your tires regularly is that tires with less pressure are prone to cost you more on the fuel side. Keeping an eye on the tires to avoid these unwanted situations.


  1. Putting reverse gear while the car is moving forward

Many people have the habit of putting a reverse gear while the car is moving forward. This can lead to the improper meshing of gears which can be dangerous. Although, all the latest models of cars are equipped with technology that does not the driver to put the reverse gear in forwarding motion the old technology cars are still prone to the risk. The wrong transmission of gear movements is a risky task that should be avoided at all times. Being careful and not rushing while driving is always safe and would not lead to such mistakes.

  1. Running your car on reserve fuel

Running a car on reserve fuel is the most common practice in India. People do not care enough and drive their cars on reserve fuel. This malpractice can cause big damage to your car. For cars that run on diesel fuel are more prone to this damage than the cars that run on petrol. The car’s pumps, seals, and injectors are majorly damaged by this malpractice. It is advisable and safe for everyone to regularly put fuel in their cars and not drive on reserve fuel.


It is necessary for a person to get their cars regularly serviced for its proper functioning. The car service providers are easily available. Each city has its own car service like car service Bangalore, Ludhiana, Delhi, etc. It is better to take care of the above-mentioned things while driving a car.

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