Colors That Have Been Shown to Improve Sales

Colors play an important part in attracting audience since it is a visual element. Colors strongly affect the way a business is seen by the audience and contribute to conversions when reinforcing brand personality. The right color will give a great impression to your audience this is important in all business and apps. You can find out more ways to design your app properly and set the right colors for it by using A2 Solutions, mobile app development Dubai. Here are a few colors that have been proven to improve sales for businesses.


Red has been associated with winning at a higher probability as it is associated with urgency, power and danger. This sounds like a strong combination that can trigger action. This is best for stimulating impulse buying and this is the reason why it is commonly used on the buy button on websites. You can find out more ways to design you store through A2 Solutions, mobile app development Dubai.


Blue has proven to boosts sales indirectly as it is associated with calmness, stability and tranquility which make it popular for financial institutions mainly. The color blue deal with anxiety while red might trigger urgency. Blue makes an appropriate choice for conversion elements and background on websites which are dealing with serious things such as medicine, finances and insurance. Many financial and insurance service websites use the color blue which gives a sense of ease and freedom along with security. Darker blues might be more associated with intelligence, seriousness and tradition, Paypal is an example that uses hays from both while some financial service websites use navy and royal blues. You can start working on your design through A2 Solutions, mobile app development Dubai.


The color green is associated with environment so it’s linked to natural, environmentally friendly and organic. Businesses with target audience that are interests in nature use this color often. This color is also associated with peace and positivity. Find more information on A2 Solutions, mobile app development Dubai. Green has proven to work well with sites that sell electronics.


Purple can be associated with wealth, power and royalty. This color is bright and is complementary with many colors. Purple is great to use as a standout color along with some muted tones. Educational organizations are likely to use this color as well as financial businesses. A2 Solutions, mobile app development Dubai will help you design your app.


Black is part of many websites themes as it is a strong color and it shows power. Brands that use black give an effect of luxury and high end brands use it more often. It can also be used for targeting male audience. An example is Rolls-Royce that actively uses the color black. Research more on A2 Solutions, mobile app development Dubai to come up with the right color scheme.

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