Can you think about Rap without Hip Hop or Vice-Versa?

“I think there is a balance between hip hop and rap. There will be no rap without hip hop and there will be no interest in hip hop without rap.” Are these types of phrases familiar to you? Are you also not clear where the limits are between rap and hip hop? Well, read on because we will clear up any possible confusion!

Are our Hip Hop and Rap different than each other?

On countless occasions, these two terms are used equally to refer to this genre of urban music. In fact, it is basically on the musical level where people, in general, tend to get confused between rap and hip hop, especially if urban music is not your specialty.

However, the clarification is much easier than we think. The term rap refers exclusively to music, the art of rhyming improvising with that mental speed that characterizes the best rappers. While hip hop is an urban culture in general that, in addition, encompasses the musical.

Hip hop is a cultural movement that emerged in the 1970s in the United States. Puerto Ricans who migrated to areas like Brooklyn or the Bronx neighborhood was the origin of hip hop culture with its street parties. At these parties, there was always someone who played the music, another person who played the MC (master of ceremonies or speaker), the dancers and those in charge of decorating the venue.

We have some of the best rappers Today

Today we have great representatives of the genre who perfectly exemplify hip hop culture and the art of rapping like MC Sher, MC Stan, Emiway, Raftar Dino James, Divine and many other underground rappers India. Also great female representatives like Raja Kumari, Meba Ofilia, Dee MC or Sofia Ashraf, who have been vital in the expansion of the genre.

You, of course, are following your favorite rapper, whether or she is Indian or from Hollywood. The art of rap is really amazing and people start to feel the rapper with his lyrics and mouth shutting raps. In the Indian rapping community, there is a tough competition between rappers and controversies never getting upended. Releasing diss tracks for other rappers and criticize them with their raps is really common these days and the most amazing thing is we love to see controversies.

A Channel dedicated to Indian Music Artists

So who is best or who is not, the YouTube channel “Hattke” has the solution. The videos on the channel are dedicated to Indian underground music artists to show the real talent on YouTube, who are self-made and gained popularity on their own. The “Hattke top 10” playlist of the channel is an initiative to bring the top 10 list of Indian rappers and other Desi Hip Hop artists. The anchor, Giving Bisht, always comes up with the best videos about Indian music creators and we get to learn and know more about our favorite music artists.


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