Can Air Coolers be a Better Option over ACs in Hot and Dry Environments?

The word on ACs is already positive, with more and more people opting to buy them year in and year out. With new models that come with Wi-Fi connectivity, and filters that promise a germ-free environment in your home, ACs are here to stay. The split AC market is growing more than the window AC market, because split ACs come with innovations in technology. Still, there is a demand for window ACs too. So where does the room cooler (air cooler) fit into this scheme of things?

There has been an ongoing debate regarding the pros and cons of ACs, and if they are really better than air coolers. Opting for an air cooler isn’t a bad idea in certain environments. Nonetheless, first you should ask yourself whether you should buy an air cooler at all. A cooler can be used by anyone, especially people living in hot and dry weather, and depending on your requirements, coolers afford a more natural means of cooling. 

The Air Cooler Mechanism

As you well know, an air conditioner circulates the air inside a room repeatedly. An air cooler, on the other hand, draws in fresh air from outside, and then cools it by the evaporation of water. As the evaporation of water takes place in air, it blends with air and causes a chemical change. For this chemical change, heat is required. Latent heat/energy is extracted from air molecules, which drops the air temperature. 

An air conditioner is prone to making the air inside your room much drier than the air emanating from a room cooler. As a result, an air cooler provides a better quality of air that enters your room. In fact, people with asthma or allergies prefer having an air cooler to an AC. 

Hot and Arid Conditions

If you live in hot and arid climate conditions, air coolers will work well, as they draw in the dry air and cool it down. This can be a relief when you have experienced blazing heat that comes with dry weather, causing skin problems like rashes. Air coolers work on evaporative cooling mechanisms. 

They offer a cooling option that reduces heat. At the same time, air coolers lessen the discomfort that dryness brings with it. When humidity isn’t a concern, evaporative cooling is an advantage over an AC’s refrigerant cooling. Besides this major advantage in hot and dry weather, a cooler has other benefits over an AC. 

Advantages of Air Coolers

While shopping for any household appliance, an AC or an air cooler, price will always steer your decision. Air coolers are lower in cost than ACs, and if it cools your space, why not think of this affordable option seriously? Running costs are reduced too, as the cycle of cooling in an air cooler sucks up less power compared to air conditioners, however energy efficient they may be. 

Moreover, air coolers need less work in the long run. Easier to maintain with less frequent checks, they don’t use any chemicals or gases, only water. Air coolers are easy to install as they are, most often, portable. They can be moved around from one room to the other. 

Best Air Coolers

If you want the best air cooler to work optimally in your room, make sure humidity levels fall between 40-60%. Humidity that rises above 60% causes moisture damage, and coolers will not function properly. The decrease in temperature through an air cooler will increase with drier climates. This is because, the lower the humidity, the more the occurrence of evaporation.

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