Brand knowledge can be shared by custom shipping boxes

Shipping boxes are used by retailors, every day. Here are some guidelines on how to use your shipping boxes to grow your brand Nowadays, online shopping is deeply ingrained in our everyday life. With buying and paying with a click or a touch its takes us minutes to search and buy whatever it is we desire. The online sales have spiked even more amid the crisis of COVIC 19. Every other day we get a new package in the mail and we are excited to tear away the packaging, to get to the products we ordered.

The most important aspect of the products that get shipped to us is the packaging. Given, that most of the time none of us are highly concerned about what’s on the shipping box, the box itself is the main reason that our product got to us properly and without any damage.

As a retailer, the most important part of your service is the safe delivery of your products. Although, the shipping companies are responsible to some extent the packaging and labeling of the product is still primarily the responsibility of the retailer.

If you overlook any of the three most important steps of packaging, your package might not be the safest. Selecting the right shipping box, taping it securely, and putting in an adequate amount of padding are the things you should be focusing on. To get more detailed information about the boxes, just search packaging companies near me and they would be able to help you out. With the increase in online shopping, it’s not unusual for consumers to get several packages a day.

The right way to package your product

There are certain requirements by the shipping company when it comes to packaging your boxes. From the boxing material to labeling and contact details, everything must be followed to the point or your package will end up either lost or in the wrong hands. Here are some helpful guidelines so you won’t have to learn from bad experiences!

  • Choosing the right box; Shipping boxes come in many shapes, sizes, and protection layers, choosing the right box for your product type is cost-friendly and convenient, and safe. You can go to thecustomcom to find out about appropriate boxes and products.
  • Adequate padding; Depending on the fragility of your product, you must make sure your product is nicely padded and tightly packed. Or else it might roll around and get damaged.
  • Sealing your shipping box; Tape your box on all the seams and openings. Layer the tape at least 3 times to get the seal. Make sure you cover the top and the bottom
  • Labeling the box; Stick the label on top in a readable area so it can be scanned properly.

Why packaging your product is so important?

If you search ‘Box Company near me’ or ‘box manufacturers near me’ you can easily get your hands on some good packaging boxes. But those too will come with a long list of guidelines. The reason everyone is so adamant about these guidelines is that they have their advantages and significance.

  1. Flexibility
    Cheap custom boxes are also very flexible. They can be bought in a range of sizes and protection layers. You could ask for any combination of flaps, sides, openings, and protection layers and you will get it.
  2. Eco-friendly

It doesn’t matter which packaging company near me you choose. All these boxes are bid degradable and eco-friendly. They can be recycled and re-used. They are long-lasting and even when they run out of uses. They can just be recycled back into new boxes!

  1. Cost friendly

Cutting back your cost is always a priority, no matter how big or small the business is. Everyone likes to cut back on their budget. Getting these cheap custom boxes will be a huge advantage for your business; you could contact any ‘box company near me’ and get amazing and cheap deals for bulk purchasing as well as small orders.

How can custom printed packaging help your brand grow?

Things like branding and getting your custom shipping boxes seems like a stretch on the bottom line of your budget, but this one small expense can prove to be a long term investment in the growth of your brand.

  • Brand Image:

These days, almost nothing is more important than building your brand image and letting your core values and quality be known. Your shipping box is a part of that identity. It might seem like the customer isn’t interested in anything but their product. But, in total contradiction of that, customers, in fact, care a big deal about what their product arrives in.

However, they only spare a few seconds to develop an opinion about your customer service and brand management.

This gives you an amazing opportunity to grow your brand and get good word of mouth marketing. But, it also is a huge risk, since if not done right, you will forever lose that one customer who didn’t appreciate your shipping ethics or received a damaged product.

  • Packaging and branding:

You can get your custom printed packaging in the liking of your design and colors. But you need to make sure that are relating to and endorsing your brand. Printing your logo in a clear and readable place, some accents of your corporate colors, and a nice slogan should do.

Moreover, get all the technical details about the shipping, returning, and contacting you. Even if your products aren’t necessarily delicate, it’s still wise to get them printed with warning messages about handling with care and ‘fragile’ signs.

  • Use your boxes as a source of marketing

We often overlook the people who get the product from the retailer to the consumer. It goes through hundreds of hands before reaching your customers. And those people do shop online just as much as the other person. Having your branding and services right there on the printing box can immediately catch the eye of an interested person. This is and convenient and cost-friendly way to market your product.

  • Customization

Getting your custom printed shipping box will boost your sales. Sharing your brand information through your packaging is a great way to gain clientele. Anyone who gets attracted to your printing box is now a person who knows your brand and might endorse it to others.

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