Boost the quality of your hair with Natural indigo leaf powder

Herbal hair colours are the best form of hair dye available in the market. If you want to give a beautiful look to your hair without the use of harmful chemicals, the natural indigo leaf powder from Indus Valley is the best. The makers have plucked the goodness from the Mother Nature and combined them with other valuable nutrients for hair. This is the best way to make your hair healthy and apply the hair color. The online shopping site will give you the best collections of the best herbal hair colour.

How to improve the quality of hair?

These days, most of the people complain about several hair issues. It can be somewhere from the dull, thin, fizzy to excessive hair fall. The herbal hair color from Indus Valley contains very high level of Omega 9 acid. This is the ingredient that easily prevents hair loss. The natural indigo leaf powderalso acts as a wonderful conditioner to your hair. Your hair will become tremendously smooth and soft. Just compare your hair after applying the natural hair colour and before it. The user will easily get stunning different among both. In order to improve the quality of hair, you have to apply the natural hair colour on a regular basis.

Step to apply best herbal hair colour

You can now get the herbal hair colour in the market both in powdered as well as liquid form. The mixing of the product is an important consideration before applying the same. Following are the step that you can undertake:
1. Mix the packet of the herbal hair color with water and make a smooth paste. This is for the hair colours that are in powdered form. If you get it in liquid form then no mixing is required
2. Now take a clean bowl for mixing. Add the paste that you have formed and add the Indus Valley gel color powder. You will get the markings in the container. Just take that much for one application
3. After mixing both the ingredients properly apply the same over your hair and scalp. The measurement will be like 5 gm of powder and 1/4th portion of the tube. Mix both very well with the help of a brush
4. Wear the gloves before application. You will get the disposable hand gloves inside the product package of the herbal hair colour.
5. Now, apply the paste over your hair. You can get good result if you can apply the same layer by layer.
6. Next step is drying the hair color that is over your hair. Give 30-35 minutes of time for getting it dried
7. Now, wash the best herbal hair colour with a shampoo. Use the colour protective shampoo to retain the color for long time.
You can get the beautiful and naturally dyed hair colour after following the above mentioned steps. Your hair will become really attractive with the Natural indigo leaf powder hair color from Indus Valley online shopping site.


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